Inside Magazine Risk Global Edition 2018


Inside Magazine Risk Global Edition 2018

February 2018

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Welcome to the fourth international edition of Inside, dedicated to governing bodies and internal control functions. Our objective is to provide professionals involved in governance, risk, compliance, and internal audit with thoughtful insights in order to overcome the main challenges they are likely to face.

Last year was expected to be a period of uncertainty for the financial services industry. Looking ahead to 2018, it seems that most of the challenges and uncertainties remain. First of all, 2018 has a concentration of regulatory deadlines, which, in combination, touch all sectors of the financial services industry.

Moreover, the economic environment, fierce competition, and regulatory and technological change will continue to put pressure on traditional business models across the industry.

In this edition, we explore important topics such as:

  • Dealing with the complexity of the 2018 financial services regulatory landscape
  • Building a strategic response to the uneven implementation of Basel standards
  • How the EU regulation on electronic identities and trust services for electronic transactions will boost the digital economy
  • How the future of risk management in financial services will likely look different than the current risk capabilities many are familiar with
  • The rise of managed services to respond to the heightened pressure on risk and compliance operating models
  • The evolution of bank board risk governance to meet new risk oversight expectations
  • Using RegTech to transform compliance and risk functions
  • Confronting tomorrow’s cyber threats
  • Managing the risk arising from the algorithmic revolution

In the current environment, financial institutions are now urged to rethink and transform the way they manage risks to leverage new technologies, and increase risk and compliance management efficiency and effectiveness.

You will find all that and more in these pages. We hope you will enjoy this publication.

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