Inside Magazine - Public Sector edition


Inside Magazine - Public Sector edition

December 2015

This special edition of Inside on public sector is dedicated to both European and national institutions, and showcases the state-of-the art expertise of Deloitte’s public sector specialists on current hot topics for public institutions.

Revolving around Deloitte’s Gov2020, a thought-provoking series of trends and megashifts, we provide insights into the aspects that currently affect our surroundings from a demographic, societal, economic and technological perspective as well as views on steps that public institutions can take to react to these trends. Moreover, we highlight some of the technological and organizational measures that can support public institutions in functioning effectively.

This special edition includes a variety of topics related to development such as social progress, healthcare and education, and describes issues related to resource efficiency from a demographic and societal perspective. We highlight new ways to measure countries’ development, the role of technology in education, the role of analytics in healthcare, and different ways to create smart cities and smart nations.
Innovative solutions can be achieved with the use of data (Big Data and digital perspectives), with a new paradigm (citizens acting proactively) and with a new collaborative model between public and private sectors, bearing in mind the regulatory priorities.

We also look at the disruptive effect of technology and the challenges this poses for the regulator, for example in the case of the collaborative economy. Moreover, we describe how institutions provide the frameworks to encourage economic development via financing aids and nation branding. The immense opportunities of technology and organizational transformation for the public sector become clear as we look at budgeting models, smart borders, electronic identification and the digitalization of public services.

We venture to say that the topics addressed in this edition concern us all, right now or in the near future. We hope that you enjoy this Special Edition of Inside and that you find it inspiring and thought-provoking.

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