2022 Luxembourg Impact Report

An increasing number of businesses are dedicating resources to make a positive impact. In parallel, numerous associations and NGOs are looking for support to develop and strengthen their activities.

To help facilitate these sort of symbiotic pairings, under the initiative of Banque de Luxembourg and Codare, several significant players of the Luxembourg market (Deloitte, POST, InTech, Reborn, Accenture) joined their forces on a pro-bono basis to develop the “KAIROS” platform, which aims to bridge those needing help on certain projects and employees/businesses ready to dedicate their time as volunteers. ​

Thanks to this initiative, employees and businesses will be able to easily access information about NGOs’ needs and actively participate as responsible corporate citizens making a local impact in communities where they are rooted. And on the other side, NGOs will benefit from highly skilled resources while broadening their visibility and potential volunteering pool.