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Publications - Covid-19

Financial Services - COVID-19

Cross - Financial Services

COVID-19: Managing supply chain risk and disruption

Embracing a digital future

Save-to-Thrive: Enterprise transformation and performance improvement strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Shaping the Future Through Digital Business

Realizing the digital promise: COVID-19 catalyzes and accelerates transformation in financial services

Realizing the digital promise - Key enablers for digital transformation in financial services

Cloud outsourcing in financial services and COVID-19


Beyond COVID-19: New opportunities for fintech companies


Realizing the digital promise - Top nine challenges to digital transformation for financial institutions


COVID-19 return-to-the-workplace strategies: Emerging lessons and key questions for financial services leaders


(Webcast) Special edition: The world remade by COVID-19: Scenarios for resilient leaders


Confronting the crisis: How financial services firms are responding to and learning from COVID-19

Collections and recoveries: supporting customers experiencing financial difficulty during the COVID-19 pandemic

The UK supervisory and regulatory response for investment managers

The UK supervisory and regulatory response for banks

The UK supervisory and regulatory response for insurers

Coronavirus and vulnerable customers

COVID-19 checklist: Practical steps for the immediate, midterm, and long term

Beyond COVID-19: New opportunities for fintech companies


Banking & Capital Markets

Lessons learned during COVID-19


Wealth management response to COVID-19


Global payments remade by COVID-19


Wealth management and advice in the time of coronavirus


Retail banking in the age of COVID-19


COVID-19 ‘back to the office’ plan for the banking industry


Consumer banking remade by COVID-19


Navigating towards a 'next normal’ after COVID-19: Lessons from APAC wealth managers


Responding to COVID-19: Insights and Implications on Payments for Financial Institutions

Maintaining resiliency in the payments ecosystem during the response to and recovery from COVID-19

COVID-19 potential implications for the banking and capital markets sector: Maintaining business and operational resilience

Understanding COVID-19’s impact on the banking & capital markets sector: Guidance for banking & capital markets executives

Virtual close preparedness: B&CM

Congress Shows That It CARES About Accounting Rules for Banks and Credit Unions


Financial impacts and disclosures for banking and capital markets (BCM)


Human Capital

The future of HR in the face of COVID-19


Returning to work in the future of work - Embracing purpose, potential, perspective, and possibility during COVID-19



Responding to COVID-19: Global Insights for the Canadian Life & Health Insurance industry


Finance & accounting: implication on assets/balance sheet/managing inflight project

Potential implications of COVID-19 for the insurance sector: How the coronavirus outbreak may impact insurers operationally and economically

Understanding COVID-19’s impact on the insurance sector: Guidance for insurance executives

Virtual close preparedness: Insurance

Financial impacts and disclosures for insurance


Investment Management

Responding to COVID-19: Insights and Implications on Pensions in Financial Services

COVID-19 and the investment management industry: Investment management operating at the speed of the markets

Virtual close preparedness: IM

What is the potential impact of COVID-19 on your portfolio valuations?


Real Estate

Will Spain apply the multilateral instrument more intensively after COVID-19?

How to manage substance in a home working environment

What is the impact of COVID-19 on infrastructure deals?

Real Estate & Covid-19: Considerations for the real estate industry

Understanding COVID-19’s impact on the real estate sector: Guidance for real estate executives

Virtual close preparedness: Real Estate



Business and human rights dilemmas in the midst of COVID-19



What will be the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare systems?

Thoughts on healthcare management in an epidemic

Understanding the Sector Impact of COVID-19: Life Sciences


Private Equity

Tax & Financial Measures in response to COVID-19

How Senegal remained attractive after the COVID-19 pandemic


Capital options in an uncertain world


Insights for Private Equity investors and PE-owned private companies


Public Sector

The futures of mobility after COVID-19


Executing the COVID-19 recovery: A guide for governments for reopening and restoring their economies

COVID-19’s Impact on the Defense, Security, and Justice Sector

Understanding the sector impact of COVID-19: Civil Government sector



Digital media trends survey, 14th edition

Resuming physical production in a COVID-19 world


COVID-19 executive cyber briefing: Read the latest


Understanding COVID-19’s impact on the telecom sector


Understanding COVID-19’s impact on the sports sector


TMT Predictions 2020: Updated with authors’ take on impact of COVID-19


Understanding the Sector Impact of COVID-19: Telecommunications


Wealth management

Empowering the virtually enabled advisor – Future of Advice

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