2022 Luxembourg Impact Report

"Although it takes at least 66 days to change a normal habit according to a study, we were pleased to see our teams successfully participate with more than 333 hours in only 4 weeks. This has contributed to changing the habits toward a more environmentally friendly mobility behavior and also inspired others to embrace impactful changes in daily behaviors.” 
Yves Knel, Partner, Tax

Understanding how our daily habits are impacting our carbon footprint is fundamental to reducing them. Every small step toward using resources emitting carbon less intensively contributes to build better futures.

To boost their impact, Deloitte Luxembourg’s M&A team organized its first M&A CO2 Savers – Mobility Challenge. Spanning over 4 weeks, this challenge aimed to encourage team members to reduce their carbon footprint when coming to the office, going to a client meeting or a lunch by:

  • Car sharing
  • Using an electric bike, electric scooter, or an electric car
  • Prioritizing public transport
  • Biking and walking

This challenge has also been an opportunity to regularly share friendly environmental tips about how our daily habits impact our carbon footprint and how to reduce them with little changes that make a big impact when collectively implemented.

"Take as an example that one ton of CO2 represents 1 round trip Paris-New York by plane, 109 round trips Paris-Bordeaux by train, 1.8 tons of paper, etc. The M&A CO2 Savers Mobility Challenge allowed us to save more than 3 tons and definitely contributed to reducing our carbon footprint.” 
Raphaël Louage, Partner, Tax

This included:


  • Use low-consumption lightbulbs and appliances, unplug everything that consumes electricity unnecessarily and turn off the light when leaving a room.
  • Layer clothing in winter instead of turning up the heating, and use fans in the summer rather than air conditioning.
  • Pay attention to the amount of water that you use and try to use it wisely.
  • For local trips, walk or cycle as much as possible.


  • Buy locally grown products as much as possible; imported foods have a much larger carbon footprint.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meats.
  • If possible, grow fruits and vegetables.


  • Choose items that last, so you buy less.
  • Instead of buying new clothes, go to vintage and second-hand clothing.
  • Bring reusable cups and water bottles.
  • Prefer recyclable products and packaging
  • When an item is broken, do not throw it away.

The above constitutes the second ESG challenge organized by the Deloitte Luxembourg’s M&A team, following the traditional sport challenge organized in December of every year. Deloitte Luxembourg employees  volunteer to participate, and challenges end with a corporate donation to a charitable entity.