2022 Luxembourg Impact Report

"Every year, Relais pour la Vie represents an opportunity for us to come together and support those affected by cancer. Our teams give their all to train and raise funds for medical research. I feel so much pride when I consider how many of our colleagues participate and see the results of their fundraising efforts. We are already excited to continue our long legacy of involvement with next year’s relay.” 
Frederic Sabban, Senior Manager, Human Resources

Throughout the year, we strive to bring Deloitte Luxembourg into the communities where we live. In March 2022, the firm rallied again to raise funds for cancer research through Fondation Cancer’s “Relais pour la Vie” initiative. Ongoing social distancing precautions meant Relais pour la Vie was held virtually, but this did not impede our long-standing commitment to the cause.

More than 235 Deloitte employees across 8 teams walked, biked and ran to relay hope to those impacted by cancer. Our people participated with their families and friends, and together we were able to collect EUR5,300 during the 24-hour relay, proving that spirits stayed high.

Deloitte’s annual commitment to Relais pour la Vie exhibits how important the cause remains to our people and our community. We are proud to support those who have – or love someone who has had – cancer and advocate for scientific research.

Key takeaways:

  • Deloitte Luxembourg has participated in the Relais pour la Vie initiative organized by Fondation Cancer for 13 years.
  • Whether it’s their first time joining, or an annual tradition, Relais pour la Vie brings the people of Deloitte together.
  • Pairing fitness with this worthy cause remind us to celebrate health and wellness.