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Deloitte’s 12th Art & Finance Conference

14 October 2019

Deloitte’s 12th annual Art & Finance Conference – New collector trends in Art & Finance - will take place at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel in Monaco on Monday, 14 October 2019.

Deloitte Alternative Day 2019

22 October 2019

The Deloitte Alternative Day will bring together the most important private equity and real estate players with thought provoking lively discussions on this fast-evolving sector.

Securitization Conference

24 October 2019

The next Securitization Conference during which will be covered topics such as IBOR Reform, update on ATAD and trends in Securitization structuring.

2019 Management Company conference

7 November 2019

The objective of this conference is to introduce the latest regulatory developments covering distribution, regulatory reporting, risk and tax aspects, with an emphasis on the supervisory priorities for 2020.

Past Events

Deloitte Quant Master Classes "A close look at Market Value-at-Risk"

26 September 2019

The purpose of the Value-at-Risk Quantitative Master Class is to provide you with relevant information on the technical aspects of Value-at-Risk and its various applications for investment funds.

12. Deutscher Fondstag

19. Juni 2019

Der Deutsche Fondstag von Deloitte Luxemburg hat mittlerweile einen festen Platz in der Terminplanung deutschsprachiger Markteilnehmer aus der luxemburgischen Fondsbranche.

Transfer Pricing Talks 2019: Full Steam Ahead

18 June 2019

The conference will be especially relevant for tax and finance professionals from international players in the industrial, automotive, technology, consumer goods, and services sectors.

Asset Management in Italy: vision & perspectives

12 June 2019

Presentation of the second white paper on the Italian Asset Management Industry prepared in partnership with JEME Bocconi, followed by a discussion panel on the Italian market zooming in on European and Global perspectives.

VAT Update Spring 2019

25 April 2019

During the next VAT Update Spring 2019 Conference, the approached topic will be Brexit and VAT, VAT deduction, VAT & branches and any other business.

Value-at-Risk in Asset Management Conference

24 April 2019

The objective of the conference is to reflect on the use of Value-at-Risk in asset management in light of recent volatile market conditions.

Securitization Conference

26 March 2019

During the next Securitization Conference, the approached topic were ATAD with the following focus areas; ATAD and its impact on Securitization entities, interest limitation rule and its impact and exemption criteria applicable to Securitization entities.

Deloitte Financial Services Transfer Pricing conference: Spotlight on technological and regulatory change

28 March 2019

The conference was feature a mix of plenary and themed breakout sessions exploring the hot topics and key tax, transfer pricing and regulatory developments relevant to the banking, asset management, and insurance sectors.

Deloitte Sustainability Conference

28 February 2019

The objective of the conference is to highlight the ongoing developments regarding sustainable finance and to provide insights on how the market players.

TMT Predictions & Global Mobile Consumer Survey

28 January 2019

We are pleased to share with you the 2019 TMT Predictions collection - designed to provide insight into the top trends and transformative technologies that will impact the way we live and work over the next one to five years.

GDPR aftermath

22 January 2019

This conference will start with a recapitulation of what happened in 2018 following the introduction of Data Protection regulations, including a general overview of the current market positioning in Luxembourg.

New Tax Measures in Luxembourg and the International Tax Landscape

17 January 2019

The breakfast will cover the following topics: Personal income taxation (joint vs seperate taxation and non-resident tax payer), Personal income taxation (Luxembourg-French connection), overview of the 2019 tax measures, digital business models and update on VAT rules applicable to e-commerce.

Tax Crime - Two years down the road

15 January 2019

In line with the international context and evolution towards a more global tax transparency, the Law of 23 December 2016, which implemented the 2017 tax reform, aimed, among others, to extend the money laundering offence to tax crimes related to direct and indirect taxes.

Mind & Market in Luxembourg

13 December 2018

Digital Innovation and the opportunities ahead

12 December 2018

The Disrupted or Disrupter conference helps you to not only learn about new ideas and aspects of Digital Technology and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted, but introduce the advantages of making them part of your organization’s DNA, giving you the insight to navigate this rapidly shifting landscape and new ways of thinking.

PSF 2018 Perspective et horizon d’avenir

4 Décembre 2018

Lors de cette conférence, nous présenterons l’actualité des PSF, ainsi que nos brochures consacrées aux différentes dynamiques de ce secteur.

Business Community Italiana a Lussemburgo - X° incontro annuale

27 novembre 2018

Deloitte, in collaborazione con la Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese e con la Bocconi Alumni Luxembourg, è lieta di invitarla all’incontro annuale della Business Community Italiana che quest’anno avrà come ospite d’eccezione Lorenzo Stanca, Managing Partner, Mandarin Capital Partners.

From customer problem to customer solution – how to combine design thinking, lean startup and agile methods?

15 November 2018

Deloitte and PMI Luxembourg Chapter are pleased to announce you the event on From customer problem to customer solution – how to combine design thinking, lean startup and agile methods?

Deloitte’s 11th Art & Finance Conference

26 October 2018

Deloitte’s 11th Annual Art & Finance Conference – The place of technology in Art & Finance - will take place at Luxembourg Philharmonie - Salle de Musique de Chambre.

Regulatory Watch Conference

22 October 2018

During this event, we will share the key insights on the 2018 regulatory watch, including regulatory trends and best practices.

Deloitte Transfer Pricing Talks 2018: Ongoing Change

18 October 2018

This conference is your opportunity to learn and discuss the latest developments and current issues affecting the tax and transfer pricing environment in Luxembourg and worldwide.

Board Evaluations - Next Steps

17 October 2018

The objective of this conference is to introduce the latest trends and best practices on Board Evaluations in Luxembourg and in the EU.

Securitization Conference

16 October 2018

The main topics covered will be:

  • The new European Framework for Securitization and its tax impact
  • Overview of the German Securitization market

VAT Update Autumn 2018

11 October 2018

This conference will bring you up to speed on the latest most important VAT changes and Indirect Tax trends such as VAT group, new 2019 VAT package for e-commerce and definitive VAT system for Cross Border EU Trade.

Expo Real 2018

9-10 October 2018

Our Real Estate team will attend Europe’s biggest trade fair for the real estate market. Benefit from the ideal setting for efficient networking and seize the opportunity to meet us there and discuss with use the latest and future developments.

Management Company conference: organisation of oversight and risk management

9 October 2018

The objective of this conference is to introduce the latest regulatory developments on governance and substance requirements introduced by CSSF Circular 18/698, covering regulatory, risk and tax aspects.

Transaction Regulatory Reporting Conference

2 October 2018

Transaction regulatory reporting requirements come in the form of EMIR, MiFIR and SFTR. When this regulatory trio is implemented, almost the complete range of financial instruments executed between counterparties will have to be reported to the competent authorities within 24 hours.

Quantitative Finance Master Classes - Value-at-Risk

20 September 2018

The purpose of the Value-at-Risk Quantitative Master Class is to provide you with relevant information on the technical aspects of Value-at-Risk and its various applications.

Scan of the tax horizon for Directors of multinational groups and funds

28 June 2018

This Learn at lunch meeting will cover the following topics such as Directors’ duties and liabilities in tax matters, Directors’ personal taxation, Substance requirements within the framework of Transfer Pricing and International Tax.

Connect the Regulatory Dots Conference

26 June 2018

The conference format is unique, a speed meeting will allow you to navigate through topics such as Data, MiFID II, Brexit, Tax, Strategic management, KYC and PSD2.

10. Deutscher Fondstag

19. Juni 2018

Wir freuen uns, Sie zu unserer Jubiläumsveranstaltung, dem 10. Deutschen Fondstag einladen zu dürfen. Diese halbtägige Veranstaltung widmet sich insbesondere folgenden Themen: Aktuelle Herausforderungen, Digitalisierung in der Fondsindustrie, Green Bonds, Tax Compliance & Tax Governance.

Asset Servicing in 2018

12 June 2018

Asset Servicing in 2018: The State of the Industry event, where speakers will share Deloitte’s perspectives on the results of the Asset Servicing Survey conducted in Ireland and Luxembourg.

Deloitte is a speaker and sponsor at the Smart Cities Congress

7 June 2018

Sophie Mitchell, Partner, Deloitte Luxembourg, will open the conference. Furthermore, Jean Pierre Lequeux MRICS, Partner, Deloitte Luxembourg, will moderate a panel about the trends shaping the real estate industry like smart cities, intelligent buildings and the evolution of valuation.

Private Equity Symposium 2018

29 May 2018

Join our private equity experts for lively panel discussions by industry specialists on industry economic challenges reaching the top, ICO vs. VC, New approaches to LP’s investments and PE performance.

New BEPS-compliant IP tax regime in Luxembourg

27 April 2018

Deloitte Luxembourg and Office Freylinger are organizing a conference on the new BEPS-compliant IP tax regime in Luxembourg.

VAT Update Spring 2018

26 April 2018

In order to bring you up to speed on the latest and most important VAT changes and Indirect Tax trends, we are pleased to share our views with you on several topics.

Liquidity Risk for Investment Funds Conference

24 April 2018

The objective of the conference is to reflect on the current developments around liquidity risk management for open-ended funds and debate on market trends and key issues for 2018

PRIIPs & MiFID II: Post Go-Live

20 April 2018

The purpose of the “PRIIPs & MiFID II: Post Go-Live” Quantitative Master Class is to provide participants with a deep and practical understanding of the open questions in the context of PRIIPs and MiFID II analytics and reporting.

Real Estate Symposium 2018

17 April 2018

Our speakers will discuss and explore the trends that are shaping the real estate industry

Fund Tax Reporting Conference

22 March 2018

Our tax specialists will be presenting recent developments and hot topics with the aim of updating you on the new challenges of the Tax regimes in several countries

Asset Management Conference – update on key regulatory and tax developments for ManCos

18 March 2018

The objective is to provide an update on key regulatory, technological and tax developments relevant for management companies (ManCos) in Luxembourg.

MIPIM 2018 - Our real estate expertise at a glance

13-16 March 2018

Take the opportunity and get in touch with our real estate experts to discuss the major challenges of the real estate market.

Der Rifkin-Plan - Herausforderungen und Chancen für Luxemburg

13. März 2018

Wir freuen uns sehr, Ihnen unsere neue Broschüre „Business Monitor—Luxemburger Wirtschaft kompakt“ vorzustellen, die sich zum fünfjährigen Jubiläum mit frischem Design und neuem Titel präsentiert und die die Chancen und Herausforderungen des Rifkin-Plans für Luxemburg behandelt.

PRIIPs reporting for Asset / Wealth Managers & Insurers - Facing 2018 together

27 February 2018

The objective of the conference is to reflect on the reporting challenges brought by PRIIPs and debate how asset managers, wealth managers and insurers can face them together in 2018.

Deloitte Healthcare Conference 7ème édition

7 Février 2018

Deloitte organisera le 7 février 2018 une matinée d’échange en collaboration avec la Fédération des Hôpitaux Luxembourgeois (FHL) en présence d’acteurs clés du domaine de la santé et des soins, de la recherche et du secteur public.

Deloitte Global TMT Predictions 2018 and Implications on the Future of Work

6 February 2018

This conference will address multiple facets of these paradigm shifts based on interventions from high-profile speakers, Deloitte Global TMT experts as well as innovative companies.

6th Annual Cross-Border Distribution Conference

30 January 2018 - European Convention Center Luxembourg

This event will continue to build on the success of previous years, providing an unrivalled forum for regulators, leading asset managers and other market participants to debate and discuss the major issues facing the industry.

9. Deutscher Fondstag

24. Januar 2018

Diese halbtägige Veranstaltung widmet sich insbesondere folgenden Themen: AIFMD update, Blockchain und RPA, MiFID II, Reform des Investmentsteuergesetzes

New Tax Measures in Luxembourg and the International Tax Landscape

18 January 2018

This breakfast meeting will cover the following topics:

  • Personal income taxation - what’s new?
  • US Tax Reform – More questions than answers 
  • International Tax – the countdown to EU ATAD and MLI
  • Hot topics in transfer pricing
  • VAT Update – VAT Grouping in Luxembourg
  • Operational Taxes latest developments
  • PERE: ATAD readiness, start now

The changing landscape of Europe: embracing transformation with innovation

18 January 2018

  • How competitive is Europe’s Digital DNA. How could we scale Digital Technologies more effectively
  • Delivering solutions faster in EU institutions
  • Cyber landscape for EU institutions
  • Horizon 2030: Looking ahead to challenges and opportunities

Getting ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

17 January 2017

This conference will start with a general overview of the market positioning based on a survey and focus on lessons learned while preparing for the upcoming GDPR.