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Launch and grow your startup in Luxembourg


Whether you want to start a new business, relocate your business or find a getaway to Europe, Luxembourg has all the ingredients facilitating the success of your technology-based business.
Deloitte Boost delivers cutting edge capability for startups willing to set-up their business in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is the most competitive country in the European Union and ranks 6th wordlwide

Luxembourg is a founding member of the European Union, the OECD, the UN and NATO

Europe's n°1 investment fund centre

Home to more than 140 international banks

Rank for global innovation

Ranked 3rd in World talent competitiveness

45% of the population are foreign nationals and come from 170 countries

Top 2 European Union financial centre

Incorporation Services

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Partnering with a local law firm for the incorporation and the business license application

Direct tax services
Assistance with the implementation of a tax efficient structure and the preparation of a memorandum

Assistance regarding social security registration

VAT services
Luxembourg VAT impact analysis and registration

Licensing Services

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License selection study
Advisory services in relation with the selection of the most appropriate license

License application file
Assistance in the preparation and compilation of the application file

Implementation of the licensed institution
Design of the new entity and set-up of branches throughout Europe if desired

Human Resources Services

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Operational support
Operational support in defining human resources policies and relocation procedures

Employment formalities
Assistance with legal obligations as an employer including employment contracts, work permit requests, background checks, sick leave registrations

On-the-job training to internal HR staff to insure effective knowledge transfer

Support in recruitment and selection activities including e.g. publication of postings, centralization of applications and interviews

Support on recurring tasks for payroll management including salary computation, pay slips and tax returns. Includes managing payments for salaries, taxes and social security

R&D Subsidies Services

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Program matching and application
Assistance in choosing and applying for the appropriate funding program at national or EU level

Grant application
Assistance with contract terms discussions with funding authority

Contract negotiation
Assistance with contract terms discussions with funding authority

Administrative support during the project implementation phase

Finance Services

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Valuations and valuation reviews of startup projects and/or specfic intangible assets/intellectual property

Financial modelling
Writing & reviewing of business plans to support fund raising or strategic analysis

Transaction services
Assistance in the context of capital raising and attracting investors

CFO services
Support the CFO during day-to-day activities and provide CFO profiles to temporarily run the finance function if needed

Accounting Services

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Accounting compliance services
Maintenance of the accounting records and preparation of the standalone statutory annual accounts in line with the Luxembourg accounting standards (Lux GAAP) under historical cost convention

Approval of annual accounts
Deloitte will prepare the board and shareholder meetings approving the annual accounts

Direct Tax compliance
Preparation of the corporate tax returns and all enclosures necessary to the tax returns and review of the annual Luxembourg tax accruals

VAT compliance
Preparation of the periodical VAT returns and of the European sales lists if required. Also includes the preparation of the annual VAT return

E-filing of accounts
Electronic filing of annual accounts on the Luxembourg Trade Register platform

Growth Services

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Business and marketing strategy
Review and development of a refined business and marketing strategy including innovation protection

Technology strategy, architecture and security
Review of the overall architecture and strategy including technology sourcing strategy and innovative or traditional system selection and implementation. Also involves a review of the security model

Operations excellence
Strategic review of the operations and logistics functions with evaluation of optimization measures

Business plan
Review and development of a refined business plan including scenario analysis

Access to Deloitte's global ecosystem
Promotion to international Deloitte offices, introduction to potential clients as well as participation to selected conferences

Important financial hub

Top 3 EU financial centre

1st EU country & 2nd globally with €3.5 trillion AuM

N°1 cross-border insurance centre

Home to more than 150 international banks

Central business location

70% of EU wealth within 700km radius of Luxembourg

100 million customers within 250km radius of Luxembourg

80% of produced goods & services intended for foreign markets

Favourable taxation

EU's lowest level of VAT

Wide network of double tax exemption treaties with more than 60 countries

3rd European country in terms of ease of paying taxes

Government accessibility & support

EU initiative Horizon 2020 currently awarding €80 billion in funding for innovative companies over 7 years

Easy access to decision-makers

Customized startup assistance and investment incentives

Business-friendly regulator

Efficient IT infrastructure

20 Top-Tier data centres for about 50,000m2 of floor space

70,000 GBPS capacity ensuring fast and reliable internet connections through a large optical fibre network

30% of EU Tier IV datacentre capacity

Attractive business environment

Most competitive economy in the EU in 2015, and 6th worldwide

Higher political stability index than neighbours and other financial centres

Competitive business costs and ease to set up a business


Patrick Laurent

Patrick Laurent

Partner | Technology Leader

Patrick is a consulting partner with more than 20 years’ experience. Patrick leads the Luxembourg technology practice with areas of interest in IT Strategy & Architecture, Digital transformation, Core... More

Dr. Carlo Duprel

Dr. Carlo Duprel

Director | Management Consulting

Carlo is a Director in the Advisory & Consulting Group. He is the FinTech leader at Deloitte in Luxembourg and he is part of the Luxembourg Deloitte Digital team. He has more than 12 years of experien... More

Jeremy Spoidenne

Jeremy Spoidenne

Director | Tax

Jeremy Spoidenne joined Deloitte as auditor in the Audit Department in September 2004. After having spent 2 years in a major international bank, he joined Fiduciaire Générale de Luxembourg in January ... More