Challenges are only challenges until you look at them from the right perspective

Deloitte Luxembourg Services overview

Deloitte Luxembourg is led by people motivated by a common objective: to help you achieve your goals and overcome even the most complex and sensitive of challenges.

There is a universal truth across industries and markets: the pace of change is accelerating and it is set to stay that way. The foundations of our firm are specifically designed to help you manage these steps by anticipating your forthcoming challenges and understanding your present and future needs.

With this in mind, and because we strongly believe in the benefits of collaborative work, we place our relationship with you at the centre of everything we do; our core service values of quality, trust and respect are at the heart of all our interactions.

At Deloitte, we do not believe that one size fits all, which is why we always provide the right solutions designed for your specific industry, marketplace and above all, your unique situation. Whatever your area of activity, we can deliver the experience and knowledge required to create tailor-made solutions which add value to your organisation.

We are different in that we are a truly multidisciplinary firm, with a very well balanced team of professionals across our three core service offerings: audit, tax and consulting.

Another distinctive feature is our structure: we are a locally owned and independent firm with the required flexibility to respond and adapt quickly to your needs and the changing environment, whilst still being able to leverage the strengths of the international Deloitte network.

With all these qualities, Deloitte Luxembourg is ideally placed to meet your particular needs - let’s discuss how our evolving range of innovative ideas and practical strategies can help you achieve all your goals, and even more!

Bernard David

Bernard David

Partner | Tax Business Leader

Bernard is head of Tax and partner within the international tax department. He is in charge of an international tax group focused on multinationals (mainly U.S.-based clients) investing in Europe. Ber... More

Vincent Gouverneur

Vincent Gouverneur

Partner | EMEA Investment Management Leader

Vincent joined Deloitte in 2001 and currently serves as Partner in Advisory & Consulting for the Financial Industries and especially for the Investment Management and Private Banking sectors. Vincent ... More