our digital future


Our digital future

A perspective for tax and legal professionals


The next 5 years will be a period of significant technological advancement for professional services including the tax and legal arena. It is hard to predict precisely what new developments will emerge but we can look to current and recent trends to guide our predictions for the future digital landscape and the ways in which it will impact the professions.

In this way we have developed our view of the tax and legal digital future. Specifically we have identified the defining technology changes we expect, the effect we believe they will have in the tax and legal arena, the impact that will have on businesses and the way it will shape the future working environment a tax and legal professional can expect.

Overall, we anticipate a professional environment almost overwhelmed by rapid change, with an increased demand on the time and energy of those practicing within it. But our view is that we can discern the future from the evidence around us now and appropriate plans can be laid to prepare for that future. That said however, to be successful, plans must be set carefully and people and businesses must remain nimble, adjusting strategic actions as market developments unfold.

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