Accounting Expertise


Accounting Expertise

Accounting and Reporting

Guaranteeing our clients a high-quality multidisciplinary approach, our accountants take on the role of an external CFO for SMEs.

Bookkeeping and VAT/tax-compliance services
We keep accounts, check them periodically, and prepare VAT returns in accordance with the rules to avoid unpleasant surprises during tax audits.
Year-end and interim closing, financial, tax, legal compliance, and tax optimization
Our reliable workflows and specialist knowledge are combined with in-depth knowledge of our customers’ businesses. This enables us to perform a professional analysis of your financial records and tax situation, compile internal and external annual financial statements, management reports, and draft all relevant tax statements and returns. Our work results in relevant financial insights and optimized tax situations for both your organization and private assets.
Deloitte guides SMEs through the different steps of the consolidation process. Specialists help draft consolidated annual accounts (whether legally required or not) supported by appropriate consolidation reporting technology.
Ad-hoc Services
Our tax accountants can also help with accounting advice, tailored training, and back-office services such as invoicing and payments.

Tax Advice

Our tax experts give Luxembourg SMEs hands-on and accurate advice on direct and indirect taxation, the structuring and setup of companies, and corporate secretarial matters.

Structuring and setup

We support SMEs through the different steps of setting up their business in Luxembourg. Our experts help structure or transfer your activity, incorporate your company, request your business licence, and get your company VAT-registered.

Tax advice
Working with specialized tax advisers, we can help you set up your transfer pricing policy, structure a group holding Intellectual Property, and advise you in terms of private wealth management or estate planning.
Ensuring you don’t miss out on government aids and subsidies is also part of this service offering.
Corporate secretarial services

Financial and operational advice

Family businesses and SMEs ask us to bring their organization to the next level. We blend their unique ambitions with our business advisory skills.

Operational risk management

Every organization faces ever-present risks from employee conduct, third parties, technology, data, business processes, and controls. An agile, well-defined approach can help meet core business needs while optimizing strategic flexibility.

We will help your company transform the ways it leverages those factors to manage operational risks, elevate business performance, and make optimized business decisions.

Information systems

If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, explore new markets, develop innovative products, and benchmark in your sector, your IT system is of crucial importance. We will help you to draw up your strategic IT plan.

We will also guide you through the world of digital transformation to get you ready for the challenges of this digital era, and make your business future-proof.

Employee benefits

Your company’s development depends on its talent. Our human resources consultants will help you recruit and retain quality staff through ideal work-life balance situations and an optimized remuneration policy.

We can also assist you to measure the results of your human resources management policy.

Financial advisory


Our financial experts can assist you in building financing and cash management plans as well as business plans.

M&A mandates

Do you want to buy a business? Our team will help you through every stage of the sale. This might include valuating the business to ensure the right price is paid, or getting the financing you require.

If you are looking to sell your business or find investors, we can help reduce the risks by implementing a successful strategy for planning, targeting, valuation, and execution.

Optimization of the finance function

As you would never consider driving a car without a dashboard, you should not manage your company without key performance indicators.

Our experts can help you build KPIs and efficient financial reporting tools. This will allow you to provide your business partners the more precise financial information they might ask for while preserving the value creation your business requires.

International Growth

Unbridled competition and globalization are encouraging company managers to venture beyond national borders. However, the rules in force in Luxembourg and abroad are not identical.

Success depends on careful preparation and sound support for all aspects of your international strategy.

With us, you are in safe hands for negotiating your international development. Through our network, we will provide you with personalized advice.

Internal or performance audit

We help transform internal audit functions by teaming with, or serving as, the internal audit function to make improvements in internal control and process efficiency and contribute to effective regulatory compliance.
Our certified internal auditors also provide input to established internal audit functions on their strategy and purpose, resourcing models, and technology.

With performance audit, we can examine to what extent your company, one of its departments, or even a project or program, has used available resources in their respective fields in accordance with the principles of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness. This could lead to saving money, reducing waste, improving your work methods, reaching the established targets with the best possible core-effectiveness, or even all of these at the same time!


Jeremy Spoidenne

Jeremy Spoidenne

Partner | Corporate & Accounting

Jeremy is currently a Partner in the Tax and Accounting department of Deloitte. He is leading a team specialized in providing tax and accounting services to SMEs, self-employed, entrepreneurs, HNWI an... More

Karine Thil

Karine Thil

Partner | Corporate & Accounting

Karine leads the Corporate & Accounting services department of Deloitte Luxembourg. She has 30 years of experience within Deloitte, including nine years in the Paris office and two years in the Montré... More

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