Accounting Services - International Corporates


Accounting Services - International Corporates

Our accounting experts are Luxembourg chartered accountants or are working towards this aim. Along with these credentials, a continuous investment in training enables our team to hone their skills and make Deloitte accounting services the perfect partner to produce financial statements that comply with Luxembourg Generally Accepted Principles (Lux GAAP) as well as other reporting and analysis deliverables to suit your needs.

Our team of experts provides the following accounting compliance services dedicated to international corporates:


  • Maintain accounting records using our licensed software “BOB 50” in compliance with Lux GAAP or other standards (mainly IFRS or US GAAP);

Annual accounts and group reporting

  • Prepare annual stand alone accounts under Lux GAAP and IFRS;
  • Prepare interim accounts for interim dividend distribution purpose under Lux GAAP;
  • Prepare group reporting under Lux GAAP or other standards;
  • Prepare conversion of financial records from US GAAP/IFRS to Lux GAAP and vice versa;


  • Prepare consolidated financial statements under Lux GAAP and IFRS;
  • Assist with the preparation of derogation for the publication of consolidated annual accounts in US GAAP;

Other regulatory reporting

  • Prepare other regulatory reporting (e.g. monthly and quarterly Central Bank of Luxembourg requirements for financing entities);

Our experts provide timely and reliable financial information at all stages of an entity’s life cycle through either (i) tailored services (“service à la carte) or “one stop shop” or (ii) all inclusive (full compliance package) depending on your specific requirements and challenges.


Olivier Zeler

Olivier Zeler

Managing Director | Accounting - SOPARFI

Olivier joined Deloitte in 2007, and currently serves as Managing Director within our Corporate and Accounting department. Olivier has more than 16 years’ experience in providing accounting advices on... More