Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is no longer a distant set of requirements subject to ongoing negotiation. The European Commission’s detailed ‘Level 2 Regulation’ has settled the rules for compliance with this new, game-changing regulatory regime.

For the first time, a vast and diverse range of fund managers will be required to operate under a new and comprehensive EU regulatory framework with far reaching business impacts.

AIFMD is far more than a compliance exercise – it will alter the competitive landscape in a changing and uncertain marketplace. It will impact not just the AIFM but almost every actor across the fund management value chain. Compliance must be approached from a strategic perspective given the range of impacts and costs involved.

The time to act is now
AIFMD had to be implemented nationally by 22 July 2013. The Level 2 Regulation was originally expected in the first quarter of 2012 but ongoing negotiations delayed its release until December 2012. This has made the timeframe for compliance even tighter. AIFMs need to be ready to submit their application for authorisation by 22 July 2014.

AIFMD timeline

Our AIFMD services

Deloitte offers a broad range of services to suit your needs in order to comply with and draw the opportunities from the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. We have carefully elaborated the following services taking a transversal approach to provide you with a comprehensive service offering to meet your needs and demands.

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