ESMA update on AIFMD Reporting Q&A 2015/ESMA/1786


ESMA update on AIFMD Reporting Q&A 2015/ESMA/1786

11 December 2015

Regulatory News Alert

On December the 2nd 2015, ESMA published an update on their Q&A (last update was dated from July 2015). The purpose of this update is to amend the following points:

Jurisdictions of the three main funding sources

  • ESMA expects that AIFMs provide the country of origin for credit facilities (drawn and undrawn) for the three main funding sources (fields 54-56).

Performance section

  • ESMA made clear that fields 219 to 278 are mandatory for the months of the reporting period. They are classified as optional only from a technical standpoint.

Impact of new AIFs on AIFM reports

  • AUMs of new AIFs must be included in the total of AUM of an AIFM (fields 33-34) and excluded for the fields 26-32.

Investment strategy

  • Feeder AIFs should have the same investment strategy as the master AIF unless the investment in the other assets would impact the resulting strategy (fields 57 to 61).
  • ESMA clarified that the fund strategy should be static only depending on the strategy disclosed to investors (fields 57 to 61).
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