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Rise to the challenge of information dissemination

As part of the AIFMD, AIFMs are required to provide investors with a multitude of information not only about themselves but also about the alternative investment funds (AIFs) they manage. Let us help you rise to the challenge of creating and disseminating AIFMD compliant investor information.

Your AIFMD investor disclosure challenges

Investors need to receive certain information in connection with their investments in an AIF. The format in which this information is to be provided is not specified by the Directive hence AIFMs are faced with a number of options and challenges in putting the requirements into place.

The Directive requires disclosure of information both prior to investment and also on a periodic basis. It ranges from the AIF’s investment strategy to leverage limits, from its valuation policy to arrangements for managing liquidity risk, from delegation to the net asset value.

So how does an AIFM ensure investors receive AIFMD compliant investor information in the most practical and efficient way? The answer lies in an in-depth analysis of the requirements and choosing the most suitable option.

Ensuring both existing and future investors receive the detailed level of information stipulated by AIFMD is paramount:

  • Identify all information sources which feed the investor disclosure requirements
  • Design an appropriate content creation, collection and compilation system
  • Develop trigger management solutions to ensure changes to source information are monitored
  • Monitor processes to ensure production of updated documentation
  • Validate updated documentation
  • Submit documents to relevant regulatory authorities in a timely manner
  • Establish processes to ensure speed and accuracy which provide confidence that requirements are fully met
  • Create and disseminate AIFMD compliant information to investors

Our AIFMD disclosure services

  • A complete AIFMD disclosure offering including creation, production, dissemination and publication
  • Analysis to identify all sources of information
  • Support to determine the best method of presentation of the required information
  • Determination of the most appropriate dissemination strategy
  • Timely transmission to regulators and investors of AIFMD compliant information
  • Efficient project management of the creation, production, dissemination and maintenance process
  • Robust, state of the art technical solution to address specific client needs
  • Facilitation of document versioning to ensure all parties receive the most up-to-date documents
Our AIFMD disclosure services


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Lou Kiesch

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François-Kim Hugé

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Markus Schwamborn

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