Art & Finance Services


Art & Finance services

Generating value from art

Deloitte Luxembourg proposes a cluster of top services for the art, cultural and financial sectors.

"Business Art is the step that comes after Art", Andy Warhol

Our Art & Finance Services

We provide Art & Finance services for:

  • Professional financial advisors (private banks, wealth managers, family offices)
  • Institutional investors (hedge funds, endowments funds, private equity firms, art/collectibles/alternative assets investment funds)
  • Private / corporate collectors
  • Cultural / art institutions, foundations, art project managers
  • Corporations looking to develop and extend on art activities

Whatever your sector, we can provide multidisciplinary services and tailor-made solutions relative to your activity.

  • Art & Finance seminars for professionals
  • Forensic, Anti Money Laundering and Business Intelligence services
  • Art fund investment services: Integrating art / collectibles in your investment strategy, monitoring and selecting art funds, review of funds' performance, regulatory, compliance and fund registration, fund reporting, statutory and contractual audit of the financial statements
  • New venture services: development and set up assistance, manage gifts and donations to museums, lending art for exhibitions
  • Tax services: direct and indirect taxation, international tax planning, VAT analysis and optimisation, tax compliance, valuation advice, tax efficient repatriation strategy, tax reporting, estate planning
  • Collection management & logistics services: inventory, advisory on service providers for collection management software systems, transportation, storage, package, framing, lighting, security and insurance
  • Strategy services: art-secured lending advisory, strategic analysis, market studies, target audience, cost control, cultural plan, feasibility studies, planning loans to museums, customer practice and marketing, branding and image services
  • Financial services: corporate finance services, marketing and investor road-show presentations, preparation of investor presentation materials, business plan, economic impact assessment, financial health check, fundraising audit and development, capital raising

Discover our Art & Finance service offering in Chinese (PDF file - 662kb).

Art & Finance Events

Participation as a speaker to the ACA Insurance Day 2014 - 13 November 2014


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New challenges of the arts and cultural market

The unprecedented development of the art market over the past few years has resulted in the ‘financialisation’ of the art market. Art is now seen not only as an object of pleasure, but also as a new alternative asset class with interesting business opportunities.

Meanwhile, the globalisation of culture means art organisations and culture-related companies are faced with a number of strategic issues critical to reaching their goals. Developments like these have created the need for specialised services to support them. 

Art & Finance - Generating value from art

Why Deloitte?

  • We are working with the Luxembourg government to create an Art & Finance cluster in Luxembourg (e.g. the future Luxembourg Freeport)
  • We offer a wide range of services (audit, consulting, risk services, legal, tax, financial advisory)
  • Deloitte is an international group with offices all over the world. Deloitte’s local employees can provide expertise that fits the legal and political context of each country
  • We offer consulting services to the cultural sector. We have experience working with cultural facilities and companies that operate on the art market and we work in partnership with experts from the cultural sector.
  • Our Art & Finance team members have a mixed educational background and working experience in art/culture and business.
  • Our aim is to be at the crossroads of a multiplicity of clients and of a wide range of expert services. 

Why choose Luxembourg?

An ideal financial, legal, social and political environment
With attractive particularities such as its key positions in the heart of Europe and its vibrant business community, Luxembourg has a lot to offer. Click here to read more about the many reasons to invest in Luxembourg.

Art-related opportunities
Deloitte Luxembourg is actively involved in the setting up of an Art & Finance cluster in Luxembourg as part of the diversification of Luxembourg’s economy. One milestone project is the planned Luxembourg Freeport, a duty-free and tax-free warehouse where valuable assets such as fine wine, artwork, jewellery and precious metals can be stored in a state-of-the-art environment for an unlimited period of time. The facility is expected to open for business in Q3 2014.

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