Transparency Report 2022


Transparency Report 2022

On behalf of Deloitte Audit, société à responsabilité limitée, an approved audit firm in Luxembourg (cabinet de révision agréé), we present our 13th annual Audit Transparency Report. This report covers the financial year that ended on 31 May 2022 and was prepared pursuant to Article 13 of the Regulation (EU) N° 537/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on specific requirements regarding statutory audit of publicinterest entities (the EU Audit Regulation) and in accordance with the Luxembourg Law of 23 July 2016 concerning the audit profession as amended.

In a rapidly changing world marked by uncertainty and complexity, audit and assurance services play a central role in building trust for capital markets, policy makers, regulators and the general public to make informed decisions and look to the future with confidence. At Deloitte, our culture of quality, integrity, and transparency is instrumental to everything we do and is how we match the evolving expectations of these stakeholders.

To stay ahead of change, contribute to a sound financial system and protect the public interest, we are committed to upskilling our talent, reinforcing our diverse and inclusive teams and leveraging leading-edge technology and data to raise the standards of quality and keep pace with emerging economic, business and regulatory conditions.

Reflecting the imperative to transform and build more sustainable economies, Deloitte supports the continued collaboration of all participants in the financial reporting ecosystem, working together to develop and implement common standards to measure, disclose, and ultimately assure ESG information. Relevant and reliable financial and, increasingly, nonfinancial information is critical to both the capital markets and broader society to enable transformation and positively impact the communities we live in.

As the role and responsibilities of the Réviseurs d’entreprises are rapidly evolving, embracing these new requirements will allow them to continue to successfully identify risks, guide their clients through business complexities, and build a stronger and more resilient economy.

Deloitte’s brand is defined by the high-quality audits we deliver and by our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. Our 2022 Audit Transparency Report demonstrates this commitment in every aspect of our work and reaffirms our aim to lay the foundations of the audit of the future.

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