Complex Accounting Assurance – IFRS, Lux GAAP and US GAAP


Complex Accounting Assurance – IFRS, Lux GAAP and US GAAP

Enhancing confidence in the accounting decisions made by finance leaders through proactive, practical, and business-oriented insights

Regulatory, technological, and business complexities are driving finance and accounting teams to re-evaluate their accounting policies, processes, controls, and systems. Do you have an advisor you can trust to stay ahead of the game?

Complex Accounting Assurance services

Staying ahead of new financial reporting requirements can be difficult—particularly for companies that do not have in-house resources to address complex accounting and disclosure matters. The complex accounting decisions organizations make can have a profound impact on how they are evaluated by stakeholders—and their overall financial stability.

To enhance confidence in the accounting decisions made by Finance leaders, Deloitte provides a pragmatic, business-oriented approach that considers the holistic impact to stakeholders and the organization.

End-to-end assistance for with the implementation of new accounting standards (IFRS 9, 15, 16, 17)

The implementation of new accounting standards goes far beyond the interpretation of the standard itself. With contract reviews, the alignment of financial reporting processes, data collection or the implementation of systems, our team can assist you along the whole process and ensure a smooth transition.

For further information on new standards or developments, please refer to the respective webpage:

Accounting hotline

Our specialists can assist your accounting team with ad-hoc requests relating to the application of accounting standards and provide advice and recommendations on accounting policy choices. With their industry expertise, they are best placed to understand the context of your questions and provide additional insights.

Technical accounting advice

Our specialists can support you in the assessment of transactions or agreements with an accounting memo analyzing relevant aspects in the light of applicable accounting frameworks.

A tailored training program (online or on-site)

Our dedicated and experienced team can provide trainings on specific standards tailored to your industry on-site or in our own premises at D.Square. We complement our training program with online courses, which can be followed by your employees at their own pace and take into consideration their individual knowledge levels. An online assessment facilitates the initial assessment of competencies and allows for ongoing monitoring of the progress made.

Please find further information regarding our IFRS training library

Online accounting guidance 

Deloitte has developed an online database complementing IFRS standards with commentary and a wide range of technical Q&As, industry publications, and model financial statements.


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Martin Flaunet

Martin Flaunet

Partner | IFRS Leader

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