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Deloitte Luxembourg offers a range of live and online training solutions for IFRS subjects.

Deloitte Luxembourg as IFRS Centre of Excellence

The IFRS Centre of Excellence Accreditation Policy was agreed by the Deloitte Global IFRS Leadership Team (GILT) to enable Deloitte member firms to use the IFRS Centre of Excellence (CoE) title.

We are proud that Deloitte Luxembourg has received this title and is now one of the Centres of Excellence within the Deloitte member firm network.

To qualify for accreditation as an IFRS CoE like Deloitte Luxembourg, the National Office of a member firm (National Technical Accounting Department) must have a recognised team of IFRS experts with evidenced market leadership in IFRS and must demonstrate commitment to the Deloitte IFRS network.

The IFRS activity of Deloitte Luxembourg is organised as follows:

  • The leadership is led by Eddy R. Termaten, the IFRS Leader of Deloitte Luxembourg,
  • The IFRS Leadership Team ("IFRS Desk") is responsible for the centralisation of the IFRS activities (including preparing and facilitating trainings, preparing publications, consultations) of Deloitte Luxembourg, which is led by the IFRS Leader.

IAS Plus

The IAS Plus website, maintained by Deloitte, provides the most comprehensive information on the Internet about IFRS. It is aimed at accounting professionals, businesses, financial analysts, standard-setters and regulators, and accounting educators and students. The site, which is totally free of charge, has numerous resources about the IASB, IFRS and international accounting and auditing in general. 


Eddy R. Termaten

Eddy R. Termaten

Partner | IFRS Leader

Eddy has over thirty years of experience serving clients in insurance, manufacturing and other industries. During his career Eddy also lived two years in the United States of America, where he partici... More