Disruptive Events Assurance


Disruptive Events Assurance

In today’s dynamic business and regulatory environment, financial reporting is constantly changing. With lean finance teams that may not be sufficiently staffed to deal with ad-hoc transactions, many organizations face challenges when transitioning to new business models, increasing levels of cross-border equity and debt offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. With Deloitte’s Advisory Services professionals to support them, companies can successfully navigate the path of today’s accounting, financial reporting and securities offering environment.

M&A Accounting Advisory

Accounting and reporting for transactions provides accounting services in support of mergers and acquisition activities, assistance with purchase accounting, creation of carve-out financial statements and preparation of pro forma financial statements for spin-off transactions. Please refer to our accounting services offering for M&A transactions and post-merger integration.

IPO readiness services

IPO readiness aids businesses with initial public offerings (IPO) readiness by assisting in evaluating and implementing the requirements for going public and reporting as a public company. Check out our innovative IPO readiness labs.

Other services

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Marco Crosetto

Marco Crosetto

Partner | Audit CIPS Leader

Marco, a partner, has 20 years' experience with a large expertise in external auditing of commercial, industrial and services companies, financial structures of international groups and the private eq... More