Performance Audit, monitoring & evaluation


Performance Audit, monitoring & evaluation

Economy, efficiency & effectiveness

What is Performance Audit, monitoring & evaluation?

Performance audit is an independent assurance service that provides assurance on the performance of projects, programs, activities and functions in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness but also in respect of environment and equity aspects. The aim of a performance audit is to provide recommendations about where and how improvement can be made and to identify the likely impact they may have.

The monitoring process consists in a continuous and systematic follow up of the outcomes generated by converted inputs. Results of this process are quantified and generate feedback on an adequate application of measures helping to correct gaps with set objectives.

Finally evaluation is the assessment of the outcomes (results and impacts) of programs, policies, projects in regards to the aspects of economy, efficiency and effectiveness but also environment and equity.

Performance auditing, monitoring and evaluation are all exercises in sound financial management. They are similar and complementary but cover different issues.

Deloitte offers its’ clients in the public and private sector tailor made performance audit and monitoring & evaluation services. We have a standardised, revisited and proven objective focused approach and a pool of highly qualified and experienced experts. 

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Performance Audit, monitoring & evaluation in the public sector

Financially healthy and sustainable economic public polices and projects need to be based on a thorough understanding and consideration of how these impact our communities. We provide effective and efficient means for measuring the impact of government authorities’ efforts.

We carry out ex-ante evaluations and impact assessments, mid-term and ex-post evaluations, monitoring of policy implementation and performance audits of projects, organisations and agencies.

Ex-post evaluations will help to analyse if objectives have been met and to initiate ways to improvement. 

Performance Audit, monitoring & evaluation in the public sector

Performance Audit, monitoring & evaluation in the private sector

The need of performance audit in the private sector is generated by competition. The more competitive our client’s environment is, the more added value a performance audit will provide. Performance audit is a management tool as internal audit, controlling and dashboards are and provides information for improvement.

Performance audit is not only focusing on financial information but also on our client’s organisation the procedures and processes. It is our objective to show our client ways to use its’ resources in a more economic efficient and effective way to increase the resource / outcome ratio without ignoring environment and equity aspects. 

Performance Audit, monitoring & evaluation in the private sector