CSSF Circular 15/610 - Ad hoc data collection


Circular CSSF 15/610 Ad hoc data collection within the context of Directive 2014/59/EU

This circular is intended to solicit information of credit institutions, and Luxembourg branches of credit institutions having their head office in a third country, to prepare the work of the CSSF as a future resolution authority under the BRRD, for:

- the preparation of resolution plans in accordance with Articles 10 and 12 of the BRRD;
- calculating the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities ("MREL") according to Article 45 of the BRRD.

The circular covers the following two points:

a) Disclosures for the establishment of resolution plans;
b) Information relating to the MREL.

The required information is to be transmitted to the CSSF by 30 May 2015 at the latest.

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