Deloitte Banking Union Supervision Survey


Deloitte Banking Union Supervision Survey

The view from the industry

Deloitte’s annual Banking Union Supervision Survey asks banks about their experiences of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) and the changing supervisory and regulatory landscape. The resulting insights enable banks to benchmark their strategies for responding to the SSM and understand best practice, and provide supervisors and policymakers with a clear industry perspective.

Executive Summary

This year, the survey examined in particular how supervisory relationships have continued to evolve; the organizational impact on banks; and technical issues regarding supervisory activities and regulations, as borne out by the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) and on-site inspections (OSIs). The results of the survey highlight in part the continuation of trends observed last year, as supervisory processes have matured, and banks have refined their supervisory engagement strategies. At the same time much remains in development, not least because of the growing importance for banks of supervisory actions as the regulatory framework stabilizes.

This article sets out highlights from the survey and puts them in the context of broader developments—in particular, through the lens of the supervisory approach, business model analysis (BMA) and supervisory priorities for the year ahead—three topics that we keep coming back to in our conversations with clients.

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2017 Banking Union Supervision Survey

The view from industry

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