Digital cross-border Wealth management


Digital cross-border Wealth management

‘Digital’ has been a common buzzword for several years now, but subject to a wide range of interpretations in terms of impact and debate regarding the ways of developing a so-called digital strategy in banks.

Executive Summary

When crossing borders, do you know and comply with all regulations, anytime and anywhere?

Given its size, its location at the heart of Europe and its multicultural workforce, Luxembourg’s financial center naturally relies on and promotes cross-border business. This is particularly true for the wealth management and private banking industries, which should now focus on rethinking their approach to cross-border opportunities.

Current context

It is no secret that financial institutions are facing a challenging environment. Compliance with new regulations is driving the CEO’s agenda in the present and affecting the traditional way of doing business. As a result, banks and wealth managers need to reassess what they do and how they do it.

Institutions are adapting to industry challenges in a variety of ways, for example by cutting costs, changing their operating model, seeking access to cross-border markets, undertaking digital transformation or focusing on new customer segments. In this context, a key topic to be addressed is how institutions can benefit from crossborder opportunities to expand beyond their current business model (regions, clients, products and services, interaction channels and pricing approach) while minimizing their expenditure.

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Inside magazine issue 12, June 2016

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