Banking & securities services


Banking & securities services

Deloitte Luxembourg provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the banking and securities industry with solutions to today’s challenges.

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Your challenges

Banks and securities services institutions are facing massive challenges, as the crisis of the past 3 years has triggered the emergence of a completely new financial landscape.

The world as we had come to know it no longer exists. We are seeing a fundamental shift in the regulatory environment with new oversight bodies, revised capital requirements, rules on executive compensation, threats to banking secrecy, new taxation practices etc.

At the same time, the competitive landscape is changing with more demanding clients, pressure on pricing level, changes in infrastructures and increased international competition.

In this incredibly tough environment, we can help you navigate through the storm and thrive in these turbulent times.

Your challenges

Our banking & securities services

Deloitte Luxembourg serves banks, and other financial sector professionals with a wide range of services. We track the pressing trends and issues, and assess the implications for our clients. We combine in-depth industry knowledge with technical expertise to develop cutting edge services.

We provide a complete range of services covering all the activities of the banking value chain. Our range of services to the banking and securities industry includes:


Advisory & consulting



  • Accountancy services

In common with all multidisciplinary professional services firms, Deloitte is subject to professional, ethical and independence rules which are designed to prevent conflicts arising between different types of services we may be asked to provide to a client or client group.

Our policy is to identify any such potential conflicts as early as possible and find an appropriate solution, whether through agreed changes to service scope or content, or through assistance in finding an alternative service provider where Deloitte cannot validly act. 

Our banking & securities services


Martin Flaunet

Martin Flaunet

Partner | Chief Ethics Officer

Martin is a partner within the audit department and has more than 15 years of professional experience as an auditor and regulatory consultant. He has focused on serving banking clients and is responsi... More