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What's life at Deloitte as a Junior in the Tax Department?

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Please introduce yourself and your work in the tax department.

I have been working as part of the Tax – Mergers & Acquisitions department at Deloitte Luxembourg since September 2012. I chose Luxembourg because of the international and multilingual environment. There are not many places where you can use three languages! I was born in the UK however I lived in France, Germany and Switzerland before deciding to begin my career in Luxembourg. I very much enjoy working in such a multi-national team - in my team alone we have a Canadian, Italian and of course some Belgian and French people! 

Can you tell us about your arrival ?

It did not take long to settle in here, with the various induction programmes, team building events and of course the monthly happy hours! My personal favourite so far has to be the tax team building held at Disneyland Paris and having previously considered myself a Disney expert I was not impressed when my team came second in the Disney treasure hunt… We were robbed!

How do you take part in the life at Deloitte? 

Aside from the job itself, working for Deloitte Luxembourg offers many opportunities. Since joining I have baked cakes for charity at the Christmas “Klengemaart”, taken part in the Luxembourg marathon (ok 8.7 km of the Luxembourg marathon as part of a team – however considering I did not even own sports shoes before agreeing to take part I am very proud of each and every one of those 8.7 km), and I have become part of the trustee network. Most recently I took part in a corporate social responsibility competition which allowed employees of Deloitte to submit their own Corporate social responsibility project ideas, and as a result of this competition I will now help organise a Christmas shoe box appeal. Last but not least, I also organise my own weekly polyglot club, which is basically a conversational English class. There are many polyglot clubs available, with languages such as Polish and Chinese being examples of the many languages on offer.

What do you like about living in Luxembourg ?

I cannot lie, you do not come to live in Luxembourg for the weather (yes, even as a Brit!)However if you want to live somewhere multi-lingual and meet people from all over the world then it is a great place to start your career. Also, if you do fancy getting away for the weekend, Luxembourg is well located and has great transport links. Since living here I’ve “popped over” to Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, London, Verona… not to mention back home to Switzerland for the odd weekend! The fact I can drive 10 minutes and be in another country is one of the main things I enjoy most about living in Luxembourg.

Describe Deloitte in 3 words: International, innovative, open-minded.

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