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What's life at Deloitte as a Director in the Advisory & Consulting department?

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Can you explain your progression since the beginning of your career at Deloitte? 

Upon graduation I knew I wanted to launch my career with a big company - one with international reach and the ability to support my career goals and allow me to develop into a leadership role. Deloitte fit the bill to a t.

My initiation was in external audit as a Junior at Deloitte Belgium with quick growth into the role of a Senior, where I had the opportunity to supervise staff and even manage some engagements. I had always been very curious about consulting engagements and had the dream of joining Deloitte in the US. Deloitte was very supportive of that goal and fostered the life enriching opportunity to join the Washington, DC office in their ERS practice. During my American sojourn at Deloitte I was presented with an opportunity to join the world’s largest trade distributor of plumbing and heating products and a leading supplier of building materials operating in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, the Nordic region and Central Europe. I joined their new internal audit department in the United States, helped the company with their SOX compliance and evolve into a world-class audit team. 

After an 8 year stint in the US, I returned to my roots among the ranks of a remarkable bunch at Deloitte Luxembourg in Enterprise Risk Services as a Manager, quickly becoming Director where I had the opportunity to develop and manage a team specialized in internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR), General Information Technology Controls, SAP authorizations, GRC, IT audits, SOX, data analysis and internal audit. Our team has since obtained the Deloitte IT Specialist SEC Accreditation required to work on audits of SEC registrants and Foreign Private Issuers. 

How your position and your life as a consultant have evolved?

I think of Deloitte as a family, a place where you can really thrive and grow. If you’re the kind of person that seeks out challenges, wants to spread your wings, test your limits and be successful, all the while having a great time at work, then Deloitte is definitely the place to be. Life as a consultant is a roller coaster. You’re working in a fast paced environment, with the constant availability of opportunities and challenges that allow you to thrive and further advance your career.

What is your best memory within Deloitte?

One of my most fond memories is the day I received confirmation of my transfer to the Deloitte office in Washington, DC. It was a dream come true – and one that allowed me to find my soul mate Michelle. Another endearing moment was being selected to work an audit engagement in Kazakhstan. We went there with a mixed team from Deloitte Belgium, Deloitte Ukraine and Deloitte Kazakhstan and stayed for about 3 weeks. It was exotic, hard work, challenging and fun all at the same time. All these years later I still talk about it so much Michelle says she could recount the details herself without me being present!

Could you give any advice to those who wish to join Deloitte?

My two cents’ worth is to really enjoy what you’re doing. What I mean by that is that you should make the most of every opportunity. You work long and hard, but you also get to work with really intelligent, exceptional people on some of the most challenging, stimulating projects.  What a great experience! Be driven, keep an open mind and a sense of entrepreneurship and you will find opportunities that will allow you to grow both as a professional and a person. 

Deloitte in 3 words: exceptional, leadership, and opportunity.

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