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What's life at Deloitte as a Senior Manager in the Audit Department?

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How would you describe your life at Deloitte ?

My life at Deloitte…Exciting, multi-cultural environment working alongside people with very different cultural backgrounds and unique professional experiences. As an employer, Deloitte goes out of their way to ensure their employees can focus on their work, while they take care of the rest – as part of your salary package, you have the option to lease a car, you receive great medical coverage, get lunch vouchers, a cell phone. As a foreign national, Deloitte was also very supportive (financially and personally) to assist me re-locating to Luxembourg. 

How do you manage your team ? Can you explain me your role of group manager ?

My role as Group Manager is to act as a link between the Senior Management of Deloitte and the staff in my group. Clear communication and transparency between the leaders of a firm and the staff is critical for the long term success of the business, and I believe a Group Manager has a key role to play in this regard. I encourage open relationships based on trust, and value the importance of a healthy work life balance which is something I try to enable in my role as Group Manager.

How do you ensure that the new joiners auditors are up to speed before going to the client’s ?

Its critical to make new juniors, even though they will only be responsible for a fraction of the total responsibilities, feel part of the team and understand the big picture. I always arrange kick-off meeting before visiting the client to ensure the juniors are up to speed regarding the client that they will be serving.   

What do you particularly like about working and living in Luxembourg ? What brought you to Luxembourg ?

Most South Africans/Namibians go to either the UK or Australia to have an experience abroad. I opted for something more exotic (less-familiar). Luxembourg is perfectly situated in the heart of Europe, and a great place to use as a base for exploring Europe. Life in Luxembourg is very convenient – everything is very close, so there are no long commutes. Good healthcare, virtually crime-free, good music scene…

Can you describe Deloitte in 3 words: Professional, world-class, multi-cultural

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