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What's life at Deloitte as a Junior in the Audit department?

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As an auditor, what are you asked to do?

As an auditor you are in charge of several different tasks and you get responsibilities directly when you are a junior. You have to plan your work and communicate well with other team members in order to satisfy your client. You have to prepare some testing in order to ensure if the accountancy of the client is fair and in accordance with the principles of the accountancy law. The finality is to ensure that the financial statements of your client are free of material misstatements.

Can you tell me about your arrival ? Do you feel well integrated ?

I joined Deloitte Luxembourg in 2012 for a 4 months internship in the Audit Department, after which I was employed as a auditor junior in the Audit group of Private Equity and Real Estate. I particularly appreciated the one week induction program with all of the new juniors. We attended various training courses and took part in teambuilding activities, which heloed us to meet and learn from each other.  We had lot of fun and it was all well organized.

Did you get trained ? What training programmes are available for you ?

We have a learning plan adapted to our experience and level – many trainings are organised whether internally or externally and there is also training material available for us through the intranet (elearning on specific technical areas sur as IFRS, ISA,… or soft skills).This allows us to improve our knowledge and skills and become more efficient.

How do you take part in the life at Deloitte ?

I like to go to the happy hour with my colleagues and spent time with them also after work.

Describe Deloitte in 3 wordsmulticultural firm, team Spirit, efficiency

Any message for future candidates who hesitate to apply for Deloitte Luxembourg ?

At Deloitte Luxembourg, you will be immediately integrated as a team member of the firm andyou will meet lot of new multicultural people. A very enriching experience!

Meet Josepha
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