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Meet Sophie, partner in the audit department

What major influences and turning points launched your career?

The exceptional people who had internships with me convinced me to choose this line of work. My family life made it necessary for me to strike a difficult balance between raising three children and pursuing this career. The biggest turning point was my transfer to the Luxembourg office, where my expertise in consolidation made the difference: over the years I have managed to put together a specialised team and rise through the ranks to the point of taking on partner responsibilities in 2003.

What are the qualities of a manager?

Integrity is the essential quality in auditing. Integrity guarantees the respect of our clients and our coworkers. Other qualities: open-mindedness, knowing who to surround yourself with, and knowing your limits.

Does the job you have now resemble what you thought it would be like?

Not at all! As a student, I imagined auditors as accounting aces, poring over files 12 hours per day. But the reality is quite different–except, perhaps, the number of hours! It is a very diverse field, combining technical work with team management and sales management.

Do you have any advice for new entrants?

Nowadays, in such a fast-paced setting, consider what you learned in school as the groundwork that will help you get started, but be aware that you must always acquire new knowledge and new skills, be ready to change fields, learn everything from scratch–be open-minded and always honest with yourself and with others.

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