People, planet & society


People, planet & society

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is more than one of our firm’s priorities

At Deloitte, we are committed to supporting a culture of inclusion that empowers all of our professionals to be at their best, whatever their uniqueness is.
Diversity and Inclusion drives our hiring, promotion, and employee development processes, and results in concrete actions. These include:

  • The Young Women Challenge: a competition between European female students tasked with suggesting innovative projects and ideas promoting gender balance in the workplace.
  • International & Intercultural Day: a yearly event celebrating the different nationalities across our firm.
  • Organization of trainings and conferences with international speakers to support the implementation of an inclusive culture.

Let’s embark on this journey together!

Caring about people


Our staff is the number one reason for our success and we care about their well-being. We help foster a healthy work-life balance. We offer them various activities related to:

  • Relaxation (yoga, taichi, qi gong, meditation etc.)
  • Well-being (conferences and workshops on nutrition, health, ergonomics etc.)
  • Medical coaching and check-ups
  • Stop-smoking workshops

Sport and leisure clubs

Sport and leisure clubs enable our employees to strengthen their team spirit by playing sports while having fun together. Our offer includes:

  • 24 clubs and around 900 active members
  • Lunchtime group classes in our fitness area

Deloitte Luxembourg hockey club

Deloitte Luxembourg sailor club

Caring about environment

Recycling and waste management

We reduce our environmental impact by recycling and managing waste. We continuously investigate how we can further reduce our environmental footprint by adapting less consuming-energy materials.

Green Mobility

Deloitte encourages mobility through:

  • Informing our staff about alternative and eco-friendly commuting options
  • Offering the M-Pass for public transportation
  • Using greener cars, especially for our mailing department 
  • Working on new leasing options to include greener vehicles and alternative means of transportation (electric bikes, kick scooters etc.)

Reusable bottles and mugs

We distribute reusable bottles and mugs at Deloitte in order to limit our waste production and to encourage greener behaviour.

Caring about society

Taking part in dedicated programs for NGOs

We organise several activities with NGOs in order to give our employees the opportunity to
participate in different types of charity activities:

  • Give and Share: bringing added-value to NGOs by giving time and expertise
  • Impact Day: organising events or specific actions for the NGOs 
  • Moving for a Good Cause: raising funds for a good cause while challenging yourself
  • Shoeboxes: preparing toiletry boxes to help people and families in need

Shoeboxes action

Relais pour la vie

The Relais pour la Vie is one of the biggest charity events organised in Luxembourg where teams run or walk continuously for 24 hours against cancer. Deloitte is happy to share this event with the association Special Olympics. Every year around 300 of our employees participate in this event by selling goodies and running/walking even throughout the night.

Relais pour la vie


Deloitte is committed to making an impact that matters by inspiring young pupils in Luxembourg
through different mentoring programs:

These programs are part of the Worldclass program, a global Deloitte initiative to empower fifty million futures through education, skills development, and access to opportunity.

Young Women Challenge

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