Your life in Luxembourg


Your life in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is known as a financial hub at the heart of Europe, but is also much more…

... a great place for both young professionals and families!


Cultural & Sports Activities

• Concert (Den Atelier, Rockhal), Theatre, Cinemas
• Museums (Mudam, Museum Of sciences)
• Valley of the Seven Castles
• A lot of sports events : color run, marathon, bike races
• Agenda of events


High Standards of Living

• Interesting health coverage and allowances
• High mimimum wage
• Numerous day nurseries (public and private) speaking different languages
• Flexible options for parental leaves




• Discovering top restaurants
• Tasting luxembourgish wine on a terrace
• Enjoying rollercoasters at the Schuberfouer
• Many clubs and bars



High Quality of Learning

• Renowned international and European schools
• The best European universities and polytechnical schools in a range of 200 km
• Multi-lingual educational system
• Many professional qualification / Training Organisations


Transport Infrastructures

• Reliable public transports : Tramway, Bus, Train, Bike
• Airport 20 minutes from the centre : gives access to all over Europe and includes low cost airlines


Safe & Green Environment

• One of the safest capital cities in the world
• A lot of lakes, forests and parks welcoming leisure activies (boating, biking, walking)


For more information about Luxembourg, we invite you to have a look at the website JUST ARRIVED.

Get a true feel for Luxembourg in this short video!

Source: Visit Luxembourg

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