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Düsseldorf by Laure

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Hello, my name is Laure. I joined the HR Department in Deloitte Luxembourg in 2008 and had the opportunity to attend a global HR mobility program for 3 weeks with Deloitte Düsseldorf this summer. As part of the Talent Initiative launched in 2010, Deloitte member firms in Europe decided to closely collaborate and strengthen their network enabling professionals to enrol in global mobility programmes.

One of the initiatives is to provide employees within HR departments the opportunity to swap places with an employee in another member firm. Each “Swapee” has the opportunity to spend 1 to 2 weeks abroad and share experiences as well as HR best practices.

I met the German HR recruiting teams with whom I worked closely on different HR topics related to diversity in the workforce, recruitment via social media or employer branding. These issues are of high importance to both the Luxembourg and Düsseldorf offices.

The most exciting thing about Deloitte Düsseldorf

Amazing buildings and big infrastructure! Once inside the building, it was so huge that I got lost all the time.

Very different to Luxembourg where all the employees are under one roof, Düsseldorf is the main central office of 17 in different locations in Germany! They coordinate the firm activities on a national basis, with more than 4,600 colleagues.

Main cultural difference

To me, the main cultural difference was that our German colleagues work in individual offices whereas in Luxembourg we work in an open-space environment. This was hard for me at first, but I soon found it was sometimes easier to concentrate! And there were of course coffee and lunch breaks to catch up with my colleagues!

What I gained from this experience

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in this programme that exposed me to new challenges that stretched me both professionally and personally.

I was able to experience and understand different cultures, ways of living, and ways of doing business that might differ. I loved the way they introduced their tradition of ginger bread in their marketing materiel for school events, adding a touch of originality.

Moving to a different country provided me the opportunity to improve my German language skills and also develop my professional network. I will definitely keep in touch with my colleagues from Düsseldorf and we will be able to continue sharing ideas on on-going projects that we have.

Best of Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, great choice! The "D-Town" has many things to offer, it's hip and not a bit quiet. “Königsallee”: What would Düsseldorf be without it? I had a great time shopping on this street. I think my credit card was my best friend for the entire 3 weeks! Düsseldorf's Königsallee is more than a street to shop on, I have come back to Luxembourg with a whole new sophisticated style! Affectionately called the "Kö" by Düsseldorf's residents, it belongs to a small group of elite and internationally famous luxury boulevards, which also includes the Champs-Élysées and Fifth Avenue. It has helped Düsseldorf gain a reputation as one of the most elegant shopping destinations in the world. And there’s more, take a look at the photo below, I enjoyed coming here to have a drink and take in the atmosphere. I will definitely go back!

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