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My name is Yves from Deloitte Luxembourg. After 8 years of experience advising clients on international transactions, I had the opportunity to launch the Deloitte Luxembourg desk in Hong Kong.

This strategic presence enabled Deloitte Luxembourg to be located within less than 5 hours by flight from half of the worldwide population and to advise Asia-Pacific companies looking for cross-border opportunities with the US, Europe, etc. and the other way round. This was a great challenge since the Luxembourg desk started from scratch (although in the premises of Deloitte Hong Kong) during the financial turmoil end of 2008.

At that time, many companies in Asia Pacific knew about the benefits of using Hong Kong and Singapore locations as a regional headquarter for Asia but were not necessarily aware of the benefits offered by Luxembourg. So this opportunity took me to several jurisdictions like Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and The Philippines.

Main cultural difference

They are many differences in the way to behave, to do business, to communicate, etc. and this can also change from one country to another country. In China, for example, after a client seminar, it is very common for the audience to raise few or no questions, whereas in India you can expect to have so many questions that it is an important parameter for scheduling Q&A time.

I also remember a very exciting "lucky draw" game organized by the China firm where Partners randomly picked collaborators' business cards from a box to win prizes ranging from ice cream vouchers, mobile phones to IPads. But probably the most exciting and emotional moment was when the partners took money from their wallet to give it to the luckiest collaborators.

Best of Hong Kong

Without a doubt, as you can see the night view of the Hong Kong Island from Tsim Sha Tsui!

But there was more than that: more than 10.000 restaurants with an amazing diversity of cooking, shopping malls open after 7pm and on Sundays, beautiful hiking places, water sports, the night life in Lan Kwai Fong, social events, and a very well connected international flights network allowing me to easily discover Asia.

What I gained from this experience

This experience was so rewarding and so unique on many aspects that I am very thankful to have been given such opportunity in my career with Deloitte. I met new colleagues, made new friends and enlarged my professional and private network.

I also had the opportunity to discover and understand different tax environments and to implement Asia Pacific - Luxembourg tax solutions.

Finally, I successfully obtained my advanced diving certification allowing me to dive in the most beautiful diving spots of Asia such as in Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

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