Tips for candidates


Tips for candidates

What to do before your interview

Cover letter
  • Be clear, concise and organised
  • Present your experience in short sentences
  • Be sure to have a professional picture
  • Use action verbs to hold the attention
  • Use detailed figures to personalize your achievements


Be sure to answer to the following questions:

  • Why are you applying?
  • For which position?
  • Why Deloitte Luxembourg?
Deloitte Luxembourg
Social media
  • Search information about Deloitte Luxembourg
  • Read carefully the job ad you apply for
  • Prepare some relevant questions for your recruiters
  • Be careful about your pictures and postings on social media
  • Check your security settings
  • Complete, create or update your profile on professional social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing)

What to do during your interview

Be prepared
Be professional
  • Ask questions you prepared
  • Listen carefully to the recruiter in order to tailor your answer
  • Show us that you are interested in getting to know our firm and services
  • Ask us to repeat our questions if you do not understand it the first time!
  • The first impression is always the most important!
  • Dress professionally for your interview
  • Be confident in your outfit!
  • Keep eye contact and don’t forget to smile
  • Do not look too nervous or too relaxed
  • Maintain an appropriate level of professionalism
  • Be yourself!
Promote yourself


  • Make sure you can speak confidentially about any working or academic experience you had
  • Prepare some specific personal experience or example which promote your skills and abilities
  • Do not over sell yourself!


What to do after your interview

Keep contact
  • Thank interviewers for their time
  • Send an email to each of them one after the interview to remind them your interest and how you can fit the position
  • Contact your HR recruiter one week after the interview to have an update of your application