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Luxembourg by Tomas

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Hi, my name is Tomas and I joined the Deloitte Luxembourg VAT department in August 2011. Before coming here, I used to work for the Deloitte Czech Republic VAT department, where I specialised mainly in advising different clients from the financial services industry. When I was given the opportunity of going on a secondment, Luxembourg was my first choice as I wanted to gain more experience in the industry and broaden my VAT knowledge. Initially, it was agreed that I would stay in Luxembourg for a 12-month period ending in July 2012.

During my time at Deloitte Luxembourg, I decided I wanted to stay in Luxembourg and was given the chance to continue working for the VAT department here.

The main cultural difference

I personally cannot see any great cultural differences. I can think only of few:

  • The people in Luxembourg drink almost no beer, compared to the Czechs who are among the biggest beer drinkers in the world
  • One thing I find a bit surprising or even shocking is that Luxembourg allows for a blood alcohol content of up to 0.05% when driving
  • As there are so many nationalities living and working in Luxembourg I have to use different languages in my daily life

The most striking things about Deloitte Luxembourg

As things stand, the Deloitte Luxembourg VAT department is roughly the same size as the one at Deloitte Czech Republic.

One of the biggest differences between these two departments is that in Luxembourg the team focuses solely on serving clients from the financial services or real estate industry, with a few small exceptions.

The other main difference is the multinational aspect of Deloitte Luxembourg. People working here are from different countries and speak various languages. Unlike in the Czech team, here I can use different languages when discussing things with my colleagues and they can help me in translating documents I receive in a language I do not understand.

However, one of the biggest surprises to me was that there are almost no people from Luxembourg working in our VAT department and that most of my colleagues commute from France, Belgium or Germany every day.

The best of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is wonderfully located for travelling. You can get to different interesting sights in Luxembourg, as well as to other countries, really easily and quickly.

One of the most memorable things for me about Luxembourg is the variety of food. This is probably due to the different nationalities living in Luxembourg. And with good food comes also good wine and, in particular, the ones from the banks of the Mosel river.

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