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Montréal by Bertrand

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Hi, my name is Bertrand. Having launched my career at Deloitte Luxembourg in September 2008, I had the opportunity to participate in the audit mobility program during 8 weeks with Deloitte Montreal this summer. Deloitte Luxembourg has long experience with mobility programs, giving the opportunity for a few members of the audit department, each year, to work in another Deloitte office around the world.

This initiative is enriching for the secondee who has the opportunity to work in another country but also for all members of the Luxembourg office who get the chance to welcome secondees from abroad. Indeed it is a two way initiative. Every year, people from Europe, Malta and the United Arab Emirates (to mention just a few) collaborate with us on our audit engagements in Luxembourg.

The most exciting thing about Deloitte Montreal

Arriving on a sunny Sunday, I discovered, from the windows of my hotel, the building in which the Deloitte office of Montreal was located, a big skyscraper of 46 floors in the centre of the city. Samson Belair, Deloitte & Touch is located on 4 floors starting on the 29th. From my desk I had one of the best points of view on the city and I could even see the Olympic stadium, built in 1976 for the Olympic games.

What I gained from this experience

This experience offered me many opportunities:

From a professional point of view, it gave me the opportunity to discover another industry, commercial companies, whereas my main clients in Luxembourg are investment funds.

From a cultural point of view, this experience opened my eyes on a country that I had never visited before. The weekend, always too short, gave me, nevertheless, the chance to discover the Canadian way of life, by visiting some of the most beautiful places of the province of Quebec, such as Quebec City and the country’s capital city, Ottawa, Ontario.

Main cultural difference

Each audit senior has his own desk and each manager works in individual offices whereas in Luxembourg, everybody works in an open-space environment. This has advantages and drawbacks. It helps with concentration but decreases the interactions within the team. This drawback is largely balanced by the fact that most of the time, the whole team works at client premises.

Also, there was no canteen in their offices, so I had to remember to take my packed lunch with me every day!

Best of Montreal

I will never forget the warm welcome I received from all the "Montrealais", during my stay, especially the colleagues I met and with whom I worked during my engagements at Deloitte. Their bonhomie and their way of living are in themselves incentives for people to come and visit this wonderful country of more than 9 million square meters. !

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