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Sydney by David

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Goo’day mates, as we say here. My name is David. For one year now, I’ve been enjoying the Sydney office as a senior manager in audit. The aim was to gain international exposure as well as expand my network and knowledge in IFRS and real estate.

In Luxembourg, my focus was real estate and private equity and I audited large well-known companies. In Australia, I continue with this, but my main focus is now construction and infrastructure companies. As you can imagine, it’s a very different environment from Luxemburg with a lot of commercial activities, big clients (most of mine are head entities for the all Asia Pacific businesses of listed US or UK groups). I get to meet very interesting and high profile clients with whom I have very interesting discussions, not only around accounting but also economical issues as well as outlooks for the companies and the Australian market.

Last but not least, our office is 500m from the well-known Sydney Bridge and 500m from the Opera. As you can imagine, there’s a beautiful view from our open space levels and friendly colleagues that helped to ease my integration.

The most memorable thing about Deloitte Sydney

Deloitte Australia pushes innovation forward. They are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves on the market. I have been quite surprised on how much they apply the “number 2 and different” approach. Not a single week goes by without something new being created by a department to get new sources of revenues, presenting innovative ideas to clients, and this is not only in the consulting space but also in the audit space. The clients are seeing this very positively and it has helped the firm grow exponentially over the last years.

What I gained from this experience

First of all, this is a great personal experience being able to travel throughout Australia, Fidji, New Zealand and Asia. There are so many new things and cultures over here that this probably changed the way I see things. I have met amazing people coming from all around the world that I have kept contact with and that I hope to see again in their respective countries.

As Sydney is such an international melting pot, I am also able to work with people from all around the globe, having to adapt to their way of managing issues and people and this has taught me a lot in terms of relationships.

Finally, in terms of work, the experience is amazing. Being able to speak to CEO’s and CFO’s of big companies and listening to their views on the crisis. This is not only a way to develop a network but also to see things differently and understand what matters the most for these managers.

Main cultural difference

This is definitely the culture of sport that they have. I had never seen so many people running before and because everyone runs, you feel guilty then that you are not doing any sport. As this is of great importance for them, this helps them as well to balance their work-life time and although the clients are as demanding as ours, they always find time to run to the gym or to the soccer playground to play their weekly match.

Best of Australia

First of all the nature! From the sharks of the Great Barrier Reef down to the koalas of the Great Ocean Road passing through Ayers Rock, there are so many different landscapes and climates that you face. As a diver, I have been able to dive all around the country discovering some the best diving spots of the world as well as face some of the biggest fish I had ever seen.
Secondly, fine dining! Sydney is full of nice places to eat and you can find a great choice of diverse food from all over the world together with nice wines that grew in Australia.

With all of this, the week-ends are never boring and are always a new experience wherever I go in Australia.

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