E-opportunity services


E-opportunity services

Reopen and recover with confidence

As countries reopen and organizations move from crisis response to recovery, we recognize the challenges you may be facing when developing and executing your business reopening strategies. The impact of this persisting global pandemic will continue to create unprecedented challenges for many organizations. How can businesses adapt their crisis response efforts and shift their focus to reopening and recovering?

Deloitte’s consulting practice helps organizations drive productivity, value and impact, supporting them in implementing their strategies and accomplishing their business objectives. Using our deep sector experience and our professionals’ extensive knowledge, we can transform our clients’ core business and operations, helping them prepare for growth, embrace the digital agenda, and maximize operational efficiency.

Our professionals leverage research, performance, tax, technology solutions and industry insights to help you:

Improve your resilience

Be ready for another crisis

As another sudden change in the ways of working is always possible, organizations need to be resilient to weather another crisis (pandemic or other).

Allow employees to work effectively from home

Not every company can maintain the same quality level when their employees are working from home. Organizations that can achieve this will gain market share from their less-prepared competitors.

Reduce your costs

Get insights on process optimization

The new ways of working due to the crisis offer organizations new opportunities to improve their efficiency.

Reduce and optimize your general costs

Fewer people and offices reduce the cost of several secondary expenses such as maintenance, leasing, furniture, etc.

Improve your human perspectives

Boost your talent attractiveness with a remote working policy

The health crisis has demonstrated the benefits of working from home to everyone. In the future, allowing employees to work remotely will be a key asset to keeping and attracting talent.

Enhance your well-being

Employees are now seeking a good work/life balance in their jobs, which may affect productivity.

Promote your corporate values

Working remotely can isolate employees, so it is important to keep and develop a feeling of belonging to the company.


No matter where your organization is on the “respond, recover, thrive” spectrum, our team of experts is here for you. Let us revitalize your organization to unearth hidden value and new levels of performance.

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Arnaud Willems

Arnaud Willems

Partner | Financial Advisory – Performance

Arnaud Willems is a Partner in the Financial Advisory department at Deloitte Luxembourg, focused on operational excellence for all types of clients and industries. He leads the performance capability ... More

Irina Hedea

Irina Hedea

Partner | Information & Technology Risk

Irina is a Partner in Risk Advisory services, with more than 15 years’ experience in IT risk, IT Regulatory and Outsourcing, Information Security Management, digital trust services and project managem... More

Pascal Martino

Pascal Martino

Partner | Banking and Human Capital Leader

Pascal Martino has 18 years of experience in Business Consulting and Advisory services and developed a wide expertise in Private and Retail Banking. Pascal is leading the Banking industry transversall... More

Stephan Tilquin

Stephan Tilquin

Partner | Talent Leader - Transfer Pricing

Stephan currently serves as Deloitte Luxembourg’s firm-wide Talent Leader and he leads the Transfer Pricing department within the firm’s tax practice. Stephan specializes in international tax and tran... More

Francois Bade

Francois Bade

Partner | Banking & Human Capital

François Bade joined Deloitte Luxembourg in 2017. Today, he leads the Human Capital department where he is involved in all manner of human resources consulting, including change management for many ma... More