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Executing a calculated and deliberate strategy requires making hard choices about the steps to take now, and the leaps to make in the future. After all, strategy lies at the heart of an organization’s success. But to set a winning strategy, leaders need a firm understanding of the dynamics driving change and innovation, and access to the tools to secure growth opportunities and reduce risk.

Achieving your business objectives and continuing your ongoing growth demands a strategic roadmap and smart insights. The solutions you implement today will help pave the path to success tomorrow.

In today’s business world, the ground rules for success are only as relevant as the data that feeds the analysis, the analysis that fuels the insight, and the insight that drives decisions. With digital and advanced technologies constantly disrupting the playing field, it has never been so challenging to keep pace.

Success demands strategies and technological capabilities that adapt as quickly as the shifting global landscape and that can support your organization in anticipating change.

The Deloitte Strategy Services team will assist your organization in remaining two steps ahead of an ever-evolving industry.

By combining deep market insight with world-class strategic thinking and state-of-the-art technology solutions, our integrated services empower your business to chart a new course, unlock new value, and drive transformative results.

Whether your organization is priming itself for organic growth, striving to identify advantages through analytics and artificial intelligence, or seeking competitive advantage through merger or acquisition; whether you need to drive shareholder value through efficiencies and cost-transformation or are seeking to improve decision-making; whether you need new vision in the C-suite or a new approach on the manufacturing floor—Deloitte’s Strategy Services teams will help propel your organization to where it needs to be to succeed.

At Deloitte Luxembourg, we are...

Trusted Advisors

We bring strategy and technology driven transformation to you.

Technology & Ecosystem Orchestrator

Our teams effectively integrate an ecosystem of technology partners, platforms, and analytics capabilities into business to accelerate and enable the transformation.

Industry Specialists

We provide industry and sector domain expertise as well as proprietary data driven insight to navigate uncertain times.

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The Deloitte pathway to successful transformation
Imagine, Deliver, Run



The right focus

Set your ambitions and chart a path to success by developing a roadmap to achieve them.



The right concept

Make it tangible, put the ambition in motion by moving forward and launching in the market.



Getting to scale

Once the ambition is refined, scale it through flexible and integrated delivery teams.

Unlock new value for transformative results

To achieve breakthrough value, organizations need sharpened strategies to win in their markets, data driven programs that transform their business, and state-of-the-art digital tools. By unlocking new value to drive transformative results, imagine the following benefits:

  • A leadership that is newly empowered by cutting-edge strategy, market sensing, business design, and insights to help them understand the competitive landscape, articulate a clear vision, and make confident and data-driven decisions, setting the organization on the path to new, sustainable growth.
  • Transformational decision-making, re-energized operations, streamlined workflows and measurable performance and productivity gains—all enabled by analytics, intelligent automation, and AI technologies that unleash the power of data.
  • Greater opportunities for successful inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions, planned and executed to reduce risk through data-informed due diligence, market insights, and post-transaction integration activities to drive optimal value.
transformative results


Pascal Martino

Pascal Martino

Partner | Deloitte Luxembourg Strategy Practice Leader
Erika Bourguet

Erika Bourguet

Director | Deloitte Luxembourg Strategy Practice