D.Learn Learning Solution

Top of the class training and development solutions for clients

With D.Learn, Deloitte Digital provides affordable and tailored learning and development solutions to our clients, and address both technical and business development needs. We do this by combining state of the art digital learning with expert face-to-face trainings, united in holistic learning curricula and delivered by experts recognized in their field.

What is blended learning?

Combining an optimized selection of training and communication techniques, blended learning allows you to train your people in even the most technical subjects with a seamless and enjoyable experience. Each training path is tailored to fit your organization, and each step designed to target a specific audience.

A typical D.Learn path could start with a widely broadcasted e-learning introduction to the topic, followed by classroom training for a more targeted group, and then dig deeper with masterclasses aimed at your experts.

Why D.Learn

To deliver best-in-class learning solutions for you, we consistently follow a set of quality assurance guidelines:

We base our trainings on our knowledge of the market, its best practices and our in-depth subject matter expertise

We constantly collaborate with renowned institutions to take into account the latest learning & development trends and research

We help you achieve your objectives by tailoring our solutions to your specific needs, your business plan or strategy

All our training modules are co-designed by skilled experts, both in adult learning and from the business

We define the perfect balance between customization and investment together with you

Digital learning leverages on modern technologies to connect a wider audience with digital content and facilitators in a flexible and customizable way. D.Learn has chosen to use the technology to focus on the learner’s experience.

Each course on our user-friendly platform is split into easily digestible 15-minute episodes, allowing users to follow their learning at their own pace. Each topic also comes with a complementary library so that users can dig deeper. At the end of each course, learners can receive a certificate, based on their participation and/or knowledge check.

Our platform is constantly updated to ensure we provide the latest in digital learning methods and features.

The digital learning journey

01 Forge your experience
  • Automatically combine all of your individual and group training requirements resulting from your HR processes to create professional training sessions
  • Build and manage your catalog, adapt your courses to your target audiences and assign them directly
  • Monitor the progress of your learners with detailed statistics and suggest customized tutoring
02 Connect the dots
  • Share and access your training programs with one click for both e-learning and online classes
  • Use innovative tools such as videoconferences, social learning and online libraries
  • Allow your employees to share their experience and feedback in your company’s own dedicated forum
03 Go with the flow
  • Provide learners with content in multiple languages
  • Follow courses off-line on a mobile device
  • Comply with data protection regulations: our servers are located in Europe (IBM Tivoli ISO27001)

Face-to-face learning allows learners to interact directly with subject matter experts, receive answers to their questions and share their own knowledge and field experience with other participants. Live interaction allows the facilitator to adjust to the audience’s needs and requests. All D.Learn facilitators are experts in their fields and follow our Deloitte facilitation excellence training program and have a track record in learning and development.

We are happy to develop jointly with you tailored learning solutions that can be facilitated by our experts or co-facilitated with experts within your organization which we are happy to train in both the training content and facilitation skills upfront.


Classroom Training

Our classroom training sessions, carried out in your or our offices, are designed for a targeted group of 1 to 40 people who will have a practical use for the knowledge.


Our senior Deloitte experts facilitate tailor-made Masterclasses for 1 to 7 people. These sessions are designed to share technical and market knowledge on a topic with your internal champions, in order to help them become experts on the subjects.


Contact Ben, your learning companion!


Learning Expert


Ben will guide you into your new learning journey

Meet Ben, who will accompany you throughout your entire learning experience. Ben, just like you, has many questions and doubts regarding the ever-changing financial market environment. He understands the struggle of staying up to date with all the relevant topics and changes. He will be by your side while you get to know all of the interesting trainings we have prepared for you. He is here to show you that learning can be quick and fun!


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Pascal Martino

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Francois Bade

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