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Deloitte Solutions:
Regulatory & tax services

Taste the difference

Deloitte Solutions:
Regulatory & tax services

Taste the difference

A recipe you can count on

When it comes to business operations, there is so much that needs to be done. And just like staring into your fridge after a long day of work, it can be difficult to know which ingredients to use or where to start.

That’s where we come in. You need help to take reporting responsibilities off your plate and build a tailored approach together. Whether you’re overwhelmed with meeting regulatory needs, or unsure of what’s missing from your mix - we bring the right people to your table from day one.

With deep expertise, fresh insights and sharp minds, Deloitte Solutions is committed to helping you restore balance so that you can focus on what matters most – your core business.

Don’t get burned
by a changing regulatory landscape

Stricter regulations of the financial markets and new reporting standards have become increasingly complex for those in the financial sector.

While governance continues to rapidly evolve, the following changes across the regulatory landscape have already had a significant impact on banking industry operating models:

Subcontracting of certain operational activities is only possible to regulated entities
Increase in customer expectations, price sensitivity, and data confidentiality standards
Trend toward increasing global transparency through regulations and reporting standards (FATCA, CRS, EMIR, SFTR, MIFIR) requiring global, scalable solutions
Significant cost and resource investment required to ensure compliance

Enjoy the sweet taste of compliance with minimal effort

Deloitte Solutions is:

A professional of the financial sector (PSF), expertly mixing banking, operational and technology capabilities to help drive transformation; as a regulated entity, we uphold strict data security standards, ensuring the secure treatment of all of your information.

The only provider in Luxembourg designated as an approved reporting mechanism (ARM); this means we are currently the only provider that can deliver reports to competent authorities or ESMA on your behalf.

An established organization with a start-up spirit ; we don’t serve up half-baked ideas. We work with established third-parties to innovate solutions that solve your particular needs, and we don’t stop until its done.

Our collaboration will mean that you can:

Enjoy peace of mind with high-quality regulatory compliance
Focus on your core business activities
Free up internal resources
Reduce the impact of seasonal peaks on your organization
Minimize operational complexity
Maximize cost-efficiency
Enhance your client-facing services
Get extended service coverage without additional implementation cost

The final product?

A carefully crafted solution
just for you

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Key contacts

Roland Bastin

Partner | Risk Advisory & Forensic

Eric Centi

Partner | Financial Services Tax

Laurent Collet

Partner | Banking & Capital Markets

Pascal Eber

Partner | Consulting–Banking, Insurance & Non-FSI

Vincent Gouverneur

Partner | EMEA Investment Management Leader

Maxime Heckel

Partner | Forensic & Financial Crime