Being CFO today


Being a CFO today

The CFO role now requires incumbents to focus on what matters both inside and outside of the field of pure finance and gain an understanding of the company’s business model and industry.

Executive Summary

What does it mean to be a CFO today? Every CFO would have his or her own answer to this question.

It would depend on their backgrounds, past positions and the environment in which they are working. It is easy to argue that CFOs from, for instance, an international food and drink company, a universal bank, a FinTech start-up and a family business have very little in common.

This is all the more the case since answers to this question may change over time as more and more enquiries and responsibilities are heaped on CFOs.

Yet, as CFOs grow in stature and gain new responsibilities, they can sketch similar patterns in the way they tackle business challenges and issues. Regardless of their differences, what unites them is the key role they play within and for their company.

Ultimately, it all comes back to the same critical issue that sits at the top of their agenda: how to add value to the business?

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Inside magazine issue 18, June 2018

Inside is Deloitte’s quarterly magazine offering an exclusive insight into best practices, trends and opportunities faced by our clients across all industries.

Inside focuses on the main hot topics relevant for the market (Asset management, Banking, Insurance, Public sector, Healthcare, Private equity, Real estate, TMT, Manufacturing and consumer business, Transport and logistics).

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