The mission driven CFO


The mission driven CFO

The unique challenges faced by CFOs and finance functions of non-profit enterprises

Beyond the powerful branding lies a mission-driven enterprise whose infrastructure is not wholly unlike that of a profit-driven corporation; and yet the finance function, by design, must often adopt an unconventional role.

Red kettles and ringing bells during the holidays. Pink ribbons. Mobile donation trucks. A simple red cross. These iconic images conjure up universal associations with specific organisations offering a range of social services to meet human needs.

In an effort to maximise finite resources, not-for-profit organisations rely on the goodwill of volunteers, and corporate professionals often volunteer by serving as board members. Corporate executives at every level, ranging from managers to the C-suite, serve in business advisory capacities, bringing to bear their own business acumen, but to better serve a mission-driven organisation, it becomes essential to recognise the challenges unique to non-profit enterprises.

This whitepaper takes a closer look at the specificities of the role of the CFO in a Non-profit organisation.  

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