CFO Advisory


CFO Advisory

Addressing the challenges of the Finance function

CFOs are increasingly confronted with the necessity to focus on business profitability and finance processes efficiency. To address those challenges, actions on performance management, treasury & capital structure optimization, and operational excellence constitute CFOs short and medium-term priorities.

On a longer-term perspective, these actions will enable a better comprehension of financial information, supporting the strategic ambitions and value creation of CFOs organization.

Our CFO Services

CFOs and Finance functions have to play key roles which are in constant evolution and often result in additional complexity and responsibilities.

While Finance used to be a mainly reactive, transaction and control-oriented function, it now emerges as a proactive, forward-looking business-partner, supporting both business units’ operational performance and management decision-making.
In that respect, CFO’s prerogatives now include strategy-related aspects such as the identification, analysis and validation of strategic initiatives of benefits for the entire organization.

To achieve shareholder value creation, strategic goals must be translated into measures characterized by operational excellence, financed by optimized treasury and capital structures, and steered by proper performance management.

Deloitte can help you overcome these challenges with its services offering dedicated and tailored to CFOs’ needs:

  • Performance Management
    • KPIs and Dashboards
    • Business Diagnostics (Costs & Profitability Assessment)
    • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Treasury & Capital Optimization
    • Debt Advisory
    • Treasury & Working Capital Management
  • Operational Excellence
    • Fast Close
    • Finance Systems
    • Shared Services Centres
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Performance Management

KPIs and Dashboards

Our KPIs and Dashboards approach helps CFOs identify a restricted and relevant set of KPIs, and integrate those KPIs into dashboards offering a complete and thorough vision of companies’ performance.

Business Diagnostics

Our Business Diagnostics approach assesses costs and profitability, and helps CFOs identify the most and least profitable customers, products and channels. It also supports shareholder value creation by determining the real positive and negative contributors to financial performance and identifying resources requirements.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Our Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting approach helps CFOs translate strategic initiatives into actionable and measurable goals to ensure objectives and financial targets are met, and shareholder value is created according to defined strategy.

Performance management

Treasury & Capital Optimization

Debt Advisory

Our Debt Advisory approach helps CFOs analyze their debts and capital structures, and optimize them while integrating financial, tax and risk dimensions requirements to maximize shareholder value.

Treasury & Working Capital Management

Our Treasury & Working Capital Management approach helps CFOs improve companies Free Cash Flows and reduce activities’ cash consumption to enable profit and value-generating cash reallocations.

Treasury & Capital Optimization

Operational Excellence

Fast Close

Our Fast Close approach helps CFOs improve the closing process reliability and duration to secure faster delivery of accurate information, supporting both business units’ efficiency and management decision-making.

Finance Systems

Our Finance Systems approach helps CFOs realign business and Finance information systems to enable the delivery of reliable and ready-to-use near real-time information to Finance staff facilitating their day-to-day.

Shared Services Centres

Our Shared Services Centres approach helps CFOs take full advantage of services pooling opportunities, supporting them in the identification, implementation and securization of services and processes to be shared.

Operational Excellence


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