Operational compliance delivered in managed services

The multitude of regulation requirements have led financial services industry players and corporations to search for efficient solutions to be compliant with all applicable rules. In this context, we have combined industry expertise and digital savvy in our service offering for KYC operations, called DKYC.

The service involves collecting and qualifying data and documents, risk scoring and due diligence level maintenance, shareholding structure collection, and watchlist screening, among others, and allows to substantially reduce counterparty onboarding time while enhancing the data quality and traceability.

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Your challenges

Financial institutions face increasing challenges within their Know Your Customer (KYC) strategy and operations, compelling them to think and act differently.

Maintaining these KYC operations internally leads to inefficiencies and high cost of ownership, which is often underestimated. Externalizing KYC activities improves output quality, increases risk management, and accelerates counterparty onboarding.

Need for increased operational efficiency

  • Compliance cost increase
  • Onboarding time
  • Evolving regulatory environment
  • Availability of suitable resources

Reaching sustainable compliance is more than ever an objective for the industry

Need for increased risk management

  • Regulatory pressure
  • Controls and sanctions
  • Financial and regulatory risk
  • Reputational damage

Our solution

DKYC (Deloitte Know Your Customer) is an integrated managed service that combines numerous KYC/AML/CTF services, expertise, and workflow management.

The service is supported by a multi-channel web-based platform and allows you to delegate the execution of predefined KYC/AML/CTF activities to Deloitte (Deloitte Solutions SàRL PSF, ISO27001 certified).

As described in the diagram below, DKYC covers 100% of the Know Your Customer value-chain—from onboarding to ongoing monitoring—and allows a granular and flexible level of configuration to fit your situation.

Services features

    Counterparty onboarding - Initial risk scoring and due diligence

  • KYC data capture
  • Shareholding structure definition
  • Initial sanction, PEP & adverse media name screening (real-time)
  • Initial risk scoring
  • Initial due diligence level definition
  • KYC documents collection (based on counterparty type and due dil. level)
  • Flexible workflow engine to support tailored counterparty acceptance process

    Ongoing monitoring and due diligence

  • Sanction, PEP & adverse media name screening (daily batch)
  • Counterparty risk scoring and due diligence level update
  • Counterparty data and documents remediation based on automated notifications (expired document, due diligence term, risk update, etc.)
  • Flexible workflow engine to support tailored counterparty monitoring process

    Watchlist and adverse media screening

  • Market leading name matching technology
  • Market leading watchlist, including sanction/official lists, PEP & relatives, adverse media. etc.
  • Proven business rules to decrease false-positive rate

    KYC activities

  • KYC data and documents verification/qualification
  • Screening alert remediation (1st level)
  • Ad’hoc due diligence (on demand)
  • Open Source Intelligence –OSINT (on demand)

    Oversight & Reporting

  • Real-time access to production data
  • AML/CTF dashboards (incl. risk & operational views)
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Audit trail
  • API

    Solution & Infrastructure

  • Web-based and user-friendly solution
  • End-user access secured through multi-factor authentication
  • Secured data flows
  • Archiving
  • Data hosted in Luxembourg (secured & multi-site backup)

Operating model

Clients’ counterparties Natural persons, legal entities

Supplies static data & documents

Clients Financial & non-financial institutions

Decisions on counterparty acceptance, monitoring and oversight of KYC operations

DKYC web platform

Deloitte Solutions Sàrl PSF

Set of predefined KYC/AML/CTF Managed Services

External data

Your benefits

Significantly improve data quality and traceability

Substantially reduce counterparty onboarding time

Exhaustive and flexible service coverage

Significant decrease of "false positive" alerts and therefore low operational impact

Reduce total cost of ownership (mutualized technology, processes, and manpower)

Reduce your key-man dependency, business continuity, and operational risks

Free up your internal resources, allowing them to focus on controls or core-business activities

Our differentiators

Service operated by a regulated and supervised entity in Luxembourg

Our operational team benefits from 20+ years of experiencein KYC/AML/CTF

Facilitated access to senior experts to handle complex/risky situations

Built-in name screening features relying on leading name matching technology and consolidated watchlist, now including Adverse Media on top of the usual sanction/official lists and PEP content

Ready-to-use approach, enabling a predictable and transparent budget (rather than the usual software/empty-box approach)

State-of-the-art content and technology

With DKYC, you are shifting from "KYC maker & checker" to an "oversight" role, focusing your efforts on priorities.


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