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Deloitte Forensic helps clients react quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute. We use our global network, deep industry experience and advanced analytical technology to understand and resolve issues.


Deloitte helps companies protect their brand and reputation by proactively advising on their exposure to fraud, corruption, and other business risk issues. Using our global network of intelligence analysts and advanced analytics technology, we quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of our client’s exposure – giving them useful and actionable advice across their business.

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In a complex business dispute, Deloitte works with organizations and their lawyers in judicial and alternative dispute resolution forums, across a range of jurisdictions. Drawing on our deep expert witness, financial analysis, damage quantification, and discovery capabilities, we give our clients the insight and understanding they need to strengthen their case, at all stages of a business dispute.

Disputes and litigation tend to flourish in times of crisis and upheaval. A clear understanding of disputed events is essential to define a course of action in case of conflict. We act as independent expert to the Court in the context of litigation and dispute resolution.



Deloitte helps our clients act quickly and confidently in the face of regulatory concerns and actions, or sensitive internal investigations into fraud, corruption and misconduct. Our global network allows us to combine an understanding of local business cultures and regulatory issues to find a path to a successful resolution, and leave the client better-prepared to protect their assets and reputation.

It is no longer adequate for firms to simply deal with fraud as it arises. It is necessary to have an effective fraud risk management strategy in place and to be able to demonstrate that you are engaged in financial crime risk management.

We provide:

  • Fraud risk assessment (Commercial and Financial industries);
  • Fraud prevention;
  • Fraud investigation.

Deloitte is able to assist you in identifying and addressing these business risks by gathering key information and intelligence on third parties.

We can help you in proactive enhanced Know-Your-Customer (KYC) or transaction monitoring processes, deal or asset due-diligence, integrity due diligence, risk assessments, assistance in situations of commercial dispute or investigation.

We provide:

  • Enhanced Customer Due Diligence;
  • Integrity Due Diligence;
  • Asset tracing;
  • Strategic background investigation;
  • Commercial dispute and investigation support.

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Deloitte's forensic technology practice combines the investigative experience of its forensic team with technologically advanced computer hardware and software to offer effective and accurate solutions to our clients' complex legal problems and specific needs, including cross-border cases.

  • Evidence management (see Discovery part)
  • Data mining and intelligence (see Analytics part)



Discovery refers to the identification and the retrieval of evidence, usually electronic, in compliance with legal and Court requirements. Deloitte's global industry and technical experience yields a more intelligent approach to discovery. Our insight into client needs enables us to address current matters in a cost-effective manner that is designed to withstand scrutiny, and establishes a robust and repeatable process for the future.

Any incident that needs computer investigation may result in legal action, which means that the information collection process and the storage of evidences must be structured and lawful. Computer information can be very hard to handle and process due to its volatility.

Our forensic professionals can help to control the entire process that goes from evidence collection to support for possible legal actions (collection, storage, legal case preparation, presentation and support for legal actions).



In a forensic investigation, Deloitte can use our advanced analytics capability and deep technical experience to help clients quickly and efficiently address issues. We deploy sophisticated analytics approaches to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of what has occurred and how similar problems can be prevented. We also work proactively with clients to detect inefficiencies and anomalies in their systems – targeting cost recovery and identifying potential issues before they happen. ​

Integrity of data is a key issue for all businesses. In order to identify fraud risks and abuse of corporate financial assets, our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to assess the accuracy and integrity of systems data quickly and cost effectively using sophisticated data interrogation and analysis, statistical sampling, and regression techniques.


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