Partnering with FinTech firms to stimulate growth


Partnering with FinTech firms to stimulate growth

Connecting the dots from regulatory approvals to capital raising

Luxembourg’s FinTech sector is growing at a rapid rate and firms establishing themselves in this segment are asking two questions:

1. How do we navigate the regulatory requirements and ensure our licensing process goes as smoothly as possible?

2. How do we raise sufficient capital to grow our business?

These questions are inextricably linked given both the regulator and the investors will likely want to focus on many of the same aspects, such as the overall business model and strategy, the business plan of the entity, and the sufficiency of resources to successfully meet the intended growth trajectory.

Deloitte Luxembourg is uniquely placed to walk firms through these challenges while allowing them to concentrate on what will set them apart from their competitors: their technology, ideas, and solutions.


Are you a FinTech firm facing capital raising challenges?

  • Our expertise lies in our deep understanding of the regulatory landscape to ensure your firm adheres to all necessary requirements. We take innovation seriously and as such, we have a dedicated team focused purely on the FinTech sector.
  • In addition, our position as a prominent player in the corporate finance industry, our established network within the debt advisory and fund-raising sectors, and our extensive understanding of investors’ requirements, means we are well-placed to guarantee sourcing the right solution(s) to meet your capital funding requirements.

Are you an investor or debt provider with a mandate for FinTech?

  • As a keen participant in partnering with both start-up and growing FinTech firms in Luxembourg, we have a portfolio of clients who require funding across the capital spectrum.
  • By utilizing our strong partnerships with those in the industry, we can provide various investment or debt opportunities to meet your mandate. We can also provide a screening of such opportunities to ensure that you are presented with transactions of merit and that they fit your capital provision guidelines.

What are the benefits of partnering with Deloitte Luxembourg?

We strive to make an impact that matters, be that through the arrangement of a funding package for a growing firm or by walking a start-up through the rigorous and complex regulatory environment.

The primary advantages of choosing Deloitte Luxembourg as a partner are:

  • Deep understanding of all applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Wide network of debt providers, equity investors, and FinTech-focused firms across the life cycle;
  • High levels of expertise covering both risk advisory & regulatory


Our approach

At Deloitte Luxembourg we value building partnerships with our clients.

Our primary goal is to ensure that we add value to our clients. This starts with truly understanding what is important to them, which can only be achieved by building long-standing partnerships. By getting to truly know our clients, we are able to find the right solutions, leaving them to concentrate on executing what matters most, their ideas. This applies to growing FinTech firms who are seeking assistance in getting to the next step of their life cycle, and also to debt and equity providers who are looking to invest their capital into FinTech innovators who can make a meaningful difference to the landscape of the financial industry.



Francesca Messini

Francesca Messini

Partner | Sustainability Leader

Francesca is a Partner within Deloitte Advisory & Consulting and specialized over the last fifteen years in strategy and regulatory advisory. As part of her role, Francesca is leading the sustainabili... More

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Director | Corporate Finance Advisory

Elena joined Deloitte in 2014, and currently serves as Director in the Financial Advisory team. Elena is a highly skilled expert in debt, credit ratings and credit risk policies, private and public le... More

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