Restructuring services


Restructuring services

If you’re facing financial problems – whether they concern cash flow shortfall, falling sales or excessive debt – we can help. At Deloitte, we deliver restructuring solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained success. This could include Investigation, Turnaround services and Insolvency advice Restructuring.

Identifying a strategy for recovery

In times of crisis, it helps to work with people you trust. We’ll use our expertise to identify the causes of the difficulties, identify the best strategy for business recovery and develop an optimal financial and/or operational restructuring solution. We’ll help you implement the optimal solution through a solvent or insolvent route.

Fund liquidation desk

Our dedicated liquidations desk with full-time specialists is led by two partners with more than 40 years of combined experience. Our experienced professionals are your key assets to configure a tailored and comprehensive liquidation plan that meets your needs.

Small or large, simple or complex, we have a proven track record in winding down structures.

Be it a voluntary or judicial dissolution, we can step in and rapidly assess the situation of the portfolio and optimise pay-outs. Our objective is to reduce costs, increase efficiency while freeing up valuable management’s time.

Our cross-function expertise in audit, tax and financial advisory are readily available and complement our liquidation service. 

Our dedicated service will reduce significantly your valuable time and costs, while minimizing your risk exposure. Our permanently staffed desk is looking forward to tailor your liquidation plan. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with our team.

Find out more about our fund liquidation services desk and read our article on Investment vehicle liquidator.

Find out more about our fund liquidation services desk

Read our article on Investment vehicle liquidator

Offshore restructuring services

Corporate groups with a multi‑jurisdictional presence face specific challenges in dealing with different legislative and regulatory requirements. Deloitte’s Offshore Restructuring Services team work together to provide you with local expertise and a seamless cross‑border service.

Corporate simplification

We specialise in solvent wind‑downs and exits, assisting clients in simplifying entity structures, extracting capital and eliminating unwanted entities.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Our Offshore Restructuring Services team offers a full range of debtor and creditor advisory services as well as jurisdictional specialist insolvency appointment‑takers.

Case studies
  • Restructuring of complex investment fund structure
  • Restructuring of complex real estate investment structure
  • Eliminating entities post disposal of business

Find out more about our offshore restructuring services.

Find out more about our offshore restructuring services.

Creditor and investor financial restructuring

We work with financial stakeholders to conduct a review of the liquidity and related cash flow forecasts of borrowers to understand and analyse drivers of cash flow, as well as administrations and liquidations.

  • Creditor Contingency Planning & Insolvency
  • Liquidity & Business review
  • Pensions 

Find out more about our creditor and investor advisory services.

Find out more about our creditor and investor advisory services.

Corporate Advisory

Working closely with management and boards of distressed companies to stabilise crisis situations, we can address significant under performance and restructure balance sheets.

  • Preparing and reviewing business plans
  • Turnaround and Performance Improvement
  • Options analysis
  • Financial restructuring
  • Crisis management
  • Chief restructuring officer (CRO) / interim management
  • Supply risk mitigation

Contingency Planning and Insolvency

At Deloitte, we can help your stakeholders to understand the alternative options and achieve the best outcome.

Our Contingency Planning and Insolvency services include:

  • Insolvency services
  • Creditor and Investor Contingency Planning & Insolvency
  • Corporate Contingency Planning & Insolvency
  • Financial Services Contingency Planning & Insolvency

Find out more about our contingency planning & insolvency services.

Find out more about our contingency planning & insolvency services.

Portfolio Lead Advisory Services

The Deloitte Portfolio Lead Advisory Services (PLAS) team assists financial institutions. The PLAS can identify ways to maximise value from non-core assets through deleveraging and/or rigorous planning and asset management.

Find out more about our Portfolio Lead Advisory Services.

Find out more about our Portfolio Lead Advisory Services.

Corporate Simplification

In its most basic form, corporate simplification is the removal of a single company from a group structure. It could also be part of a wider restructuring to reduce costs and improve profitability by eliminating tiers from a corporate structure.

Our Corporate Simplification services include:

  • Entity Reduction
  • Managed Exit
  • Return of Capital
  • Demergers

Find out more about our corporate simplification services.

Find out more about our corporate simplification services.

Managed exit

Our clients are often faced with the issue of how to deal with non-core or underperforming businesses. In Restructuring Services we have the skills and experience to help clients in this position with the assessment and implementation of their options.

Our Managed Exit services include:

  • Corporate Simplification
  • Wind down and closure
  • Turnaround and Performance Improvement
  • Accelerated M&A

Securitization: Untapped opportunities

The European Commission, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England have taken a positive view and aim to restart the securitization market in the European Union. Deloitte can help you with the structuring, implementation and day-to-day administration of securitizations in Luxembourg. Securitization has proved to be a refinancing and restructuring vehicle of choice in recent years.

Deloitte is proud to offer a centralized securitization team and state of the art technology to assist with the initial structuring and regulatory, tax and accounting set-up as well as the daily administration of securitization structures, their investment portfolios and issued financial instruments.

  • Pre-securitization assistance
  • Securitization implementation assistance
  • Post securitization assistance

Find out more about our securitization services.

Discover our German version.

Find out more about our securitization services.

Handling inactive client relationships

Banks, funds, insurance companies, management companies or any other business or activity may face situations where contact with beneficiaries has been lost. These situations can lead to accounts falling dormant, or companies being unable to meet any kind of liability towards a beneficiary. These inactive relationships can result in an operational or regulatory burden.

Find out more about our service offer here.


Michael JJ Martin

Michael JJ Martin

Partner | Forensic & Restructuring Leader

Michael is a partner within the advisory & consulting department and leads the forensic and restructuring practice. Michael has specialised in investigating and preventing money laundering and fraud. ... More

Eric Collard

Eric Collard

Partner | Forensic & AML, Restructuring

Eric is a partner within the advisory & consulting department. He is specialized in providing advice to the financial sector in the areas of risk management and compliance issues. He also acted as ind... More

Nicolas Hennebert

Nicolas Hennebert

Partner | IM Audit Industry Leader

Nicolas is a partner within the Luxembourg audit department and has more than 20 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, counselling and auditing large asset management firms as well a... More

Sébastien Kellen

Sébastien Kellen

Director | Forensic & Restructuring

Sébastien is a director within the Forensic & Restructuring department with more than 15 years of experience in audit and Investment Management in Luxembourg and in London (UCITS, SIF, RAIF and Altern... More