2014 Alternative investment outlook championing growth


2014 Alternative investment outlook championing growth

Finding agility in uneven conditions

One of the key attributes that has drawn investors to alternative investment managers over the years is their agility. Much like a downhill skier who needs to absorb the terrain to excel, these managers excel by navigating uneven conditions.

  • Institutional investors are likely to allocate a higher percentage of their portfolio to alternative investments going forward
  • More alternative investment funds will likely go mainstream to pursue retail clients through ‘40 Act funds and UCITS
  • Alternative investment funds are looking to harmonise information into a single data platform to create greater transparency
    and customised client solutions
  • More alternative investment funds will invest in a comprehensive data strategy that wraps in data warehousing and advanced data modeling
  • More alternative investment funds are establishing service provider oversight frameworks to better manage their
    extended enterprise
  • Alternative investment managers will take a more vigilant approach to cyber preparedness and establish an incident
    response team for cyber breaches
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